Associação Brasileira de Ateus e Agnósticos
FormationAugust 2008
TypeNonprofit organization
HeadquartersSão Paulo, Brazil
Official language
Key people
Daniel Sottomaior, Alfredo Spínola and Mauricio Palazzuoli

The Brazilian Association of Atheists and Agnostics (Portuguese: Associação Brasileira de Ateus e Agnósticos), or ATEA, is a Brazilian atheist activist nonprofit organization founded in August 2008. The organization advocates the separation of church and state and promotes atheism and agnosticism.[1] Although Brazil is legally defined by its Constitution as a secular state, the organization has voiced its concern that this is not observed in practice.

Its slogans have been: "Religião não define caráter" ("Religion does not define character"), "A fé não dá respostas, só evita perguntas." ("Faith does not give answers. It only prevents questions"), "Se Deus existe, tudo é permitido" ("If God exists, everything is permitted") and "Somos todos ateus para os deuses dos outros" ("We are all atheists to others' gods").[2][3]

As of May 2015, it has more than 15,000 associated members.[4]


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