EditorBrigitte Huber
CategoriesWomen's magazine
Founded1886; 138 years ago (1886)
CompanyGruner + Jahr
Based inHamburg

Brigitte is a biweekly women's magazine in Germany[1] which has been in circulation since 1886.

History and profile

The magazine was first published in 1886 under the name Das Blatt der Hausfrau (German: Housewife’s Journal).[2][3] Its target audience was the middle-class bourgeois housewife and the magazine often covered articles about child-rearing and foods.[2] During World War II it stopped publication.[2]

The magazine was relaunched in 1949 and was renamed as Brigitte in 1954.[2][4] Brigitte merged with another women's magazine Constanze in 1969.[4]

Brigitte is published every two weeks by Gruner + Jahr.[1] Its headquarters is in Hamburg.[5] The magazine launched its website in April 1997.[6] The target audience of the magazine is both housewives and working women.[7]

Andreas Lebert and Brigitte Huber served as co-editors of Brigitte.[8] Lebert, after serving in the post from 2002 to 2012, left the magazine to become editor-in-chief of Zeit Wissen magazine.[9]

In 2010 the magazine began to employ women who were not professional models.[10]


Brigitte had a circulation of 150,000 copies in 1926.[2] It was 940,700 copies in 1999.[11] During the fourth quarter of 2000 its circulation rose to 958,258 copies.[12] In 2001 it was one of top 50 women's magazine worldwide with a circulation of 958,000 copies.[13] In 2004 the magazine had a circulation of 771,281 copies.[14] Its circulation was 693,248 copies in 2010.[15] Brigitte was the best-selling women's magazine in the first quarter of 2018 with a circulation of 389,279 copies.[16]

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