British Academy Television Award
CountryUnited Kingdom
Presented byBritish Academy of Film and Television Arts
First awarded1999
Currently held byBig Zuu's Big Eats (2022)

The British Academy Television Award for Best Features is one of the major categories of the British Academy Television Awards (BAFTAs), the primary awards ceremony of the British television industry. According to the BAFTA website, the category "includes factual programmes, not included in any other categories including cookery and cookery competitions, travelogues, gardening, property, fashion and all other lifestyle programming and studio discussions."[1]

The category was first presented in 1999 under the name of Best Feature - Programme or Series although since 2000 the category has been presented just as Best Features.

Winners and nominees


Best Feature - Programme or Series

Year Title Recipient(s) Broadcaster
1999 Back to the Floor Bill Grist, Robert Thirkell BBC Two
House Doctor Daisy Goodwin, Basi Akpabio Channel 5
Changing Rooms Linda Clifford, Casper Peacock, Ann Booth Clibborn BBC Two
Time Team Phillip Clarke, Tim Taylor Channel 4


Best Features

Year Title Recipient(s) Broadcaster
2000 Blood on the Carpet Robert Thirkell, Nick Mirsky BBC Two
Giants with Nigel Marven Rob MacIver, Nigel Marven, Bill Butt ITV
The Naked Chef Patricia Llewellyn, Paul Ratcliffe, Jamie Oliver BBC Two
Grand Designs Daisy Goodwin, John Silver Channel 4
2001 The Naked Chef Patricia Llewellyn, Paul Ratcliffe, Jamie Oliver BBC Two
Faking It Mike Warner, Stephen Lambert Channel 4
House of Horrors Sarah Caplin, Kate Middleton, Brad Manning ITV
What the Romans Did for Us BBC Two
2002 Faking It Channel 4
The Farmer Wants a Wife Amanda Murray ITV
The Sound of Music Children: After They Were Famous Judith Holder, Bridget Boseley, Southan Morris
What Not to Wear Vicki Barrass, Tracy Jeune, Nick Bray BBC Two
2003 Faking It Stephen Lambert Channel 4
Lads' Army Claudia Milne, Peter Casely-Hayford, Tim Carter ITV
Jamie's Kitchen Sandi Scott, Peter Moore Channel 4
What Not to Wear Jane GerberVicki Barrass, Tracy Jeune BBC Two
2004 Wife Swap Channel 4
Grand Designs John Silver, Daisy Goodwin, Kevin McCloud Channel 4
That'll Teach 'Em
Top Gear Andy Wilman, Gary Hunter, Jeremy Clarkson BBC Two
2005 Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Patricia Llewellyn, Christine Hall, Gordon Ramsay Channel 4
Holiday Showdown Grant Mansfield, Nick Shearman, Dan Berbridge ITV
Little Angels BBC Three
Top Gear Andy Wilman, Jeremy Clarkson, Gary Broadhurst BBC Two
2006 The Apprentice Dan Adamson, Tanya Shaw, Peter Moore BBC Two
Dragons' Den BBC Two
Top Gear
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Channel 4
2007 The Choir Jamie Isaacs, Ludo Graham, Drew Hill, Sam Grace BBC Two
The F Word Channel 4
The Apprentice Dan Adamson, Sanjay Singhal, Martyn Smith, Alan Sugar BBC Two
Dragons' Den Helen Bullough, Dominic Bird, Paul Mackay
2008 Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Channel 4
Heston Blumenthal: In Search of Perfection BBC Two
Top Gear
The Secret Millionaire Channel 4
2009 The Choir: Boys Don't Sing BBC Two
The Apprentice Alan Sugar, Michele Kurland, Kelly Webb-Lamb, Andy Devonshire BBC One
Celebrity Masterchef Karen Ross, Mark Leslie, Bec Smith, Theo Goble
Top Gear Andy Wilman, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May BBC Two


Year Title Recipient(s) Broadcaster
2010 Masterchef: The Professionals Karen Ross, Carla-Maria Lawson, Antonia Lloyd, David Ambler BBC Two
Heston's Feasts Channel 4
The Choir: Unsung Town BBC Two
James May's Toy Stories Will Daws, Stuart Cabb, James May, Ian Holt
2011 Hugh's Fish Fight Andrew Palmer, Will Anderson, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Frankie Fathers Channel 4
Mary Queen of Shops BBC Two
Come Dine With Me Channel 4
Pineapple Dance Studios Jonathan Stadien, Pat Doyle, Hannah Springham Sky1
2012 The Great British Bake Off Anna Beattie, Andy Devonshire, Simon Evans, Richard McKerrow BBC Two
DIY SOS: The Big Build Susan Aartse-Tuyn, Hannah Corneck, Simon Knight, Ben Rowland BBC One
Hairy Bikers' Meals on Wheels Tom Clarke, Lisa Edwards, Nicola Moody, Paul Ratcliffe BBC Two
Timothy Spall: Back at Sea Paul Crompton, Matt David, Anton Short, Philip Shotton BBC Four
2013 The Great British Bake Off Anna Beattie, Kieran Smith, Amanda Westwood, Scott Tankard BBC Two
Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs Paul O'Grady, Jill Worsley, Mark Scantlebury, Kate Jackson ITV
Bank of Dave Channel 4
Grand Designs
2014 Long Lost Family Duncan Coates, Kate Scholefield, Sally Benton, Leanne Klein ITV
Grand Designs Kevin McCloud, Fiona Caldwell, Rob Gill, John Lonsdale Channel 4
The Great British Bake Off Anna Beattie, Amanda Westwood, Samantha Beddoes, Simon Evans BBC Two
The Choir: Sing While You Work Gareth Malone, Tim Carter, Rachel Morgan, Stuart Froude
2015 Grand Designs Channel 4
The Great British Bake Off Anna Beattie, Samantha Beddoes, Andy Devonshire, Simon Evans BBC One
George Clarke's Amazing Spaces Will Daws, Jamie Wightman, Stuart Cabb Channel 4
Long Lost Family Sally Benton, Clare Bradbury, Colette Flight, Kate Scholefield ITV
2016 The Great British Bake Off BBC One
Back in Time for Dinner Emily Shields, Leanne Klein, Kim Maddever BBC Two
Kevin McCloud: Escape to the Wild Channel 4
Travel Man Adam Humphries, Leo McCrea, Graham Smiles, Chris Richards
2017 Who Do You Think You Are? Colette Flight, Sarah Feltes, Anna Kirkwood, Helen Nixon BBC One
The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs Dominique Walker, Emeka Onono, Christopher van Tulleken, Jack Rampling BBC Two
The Great British Bake Off Richard McKerrow, Sarah Thomson-Woolley, Simon Evans, Chloe Avery BBC One
Travel Man: 48 Hours In … Chris Richards, Nicola Silk, Leo McCrea, Richard Ayoade Channel 4
2018 Cruising with Jane McDonald Channel 5
Antiques Roadshow Simon Shaw, Julia Foot, Robert Murphy, Sophie Wogden BBC One
No More Boys And Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free? Javid Abdelmoneim, Helen Veale, Jeremy Daldry, Samuel Palmer BBC Two
The Secret Life of the Zoo Channel 4
2019[2] Who Do You Think You Are? Colette Flight, Sarah Feltes, Anna Kirkwood, David Vincent BBC One
Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip ITV
The Great British Bake Off Channel 4
Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing BBC Two


Year Title Recipient(s) Broadcaster
The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan Emily Hudd, Morgan Roberts, Christopher Cottam, Romesh Ranganathan BBC Two
Joe Lycett's Got Your Back Channel 4
Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing Bob Mortimer, Paul Whitehouse, Lisa Clark, Will Yapp BBC Two
Long Lost Family: Born without Trace Sally Benton, Rosie Schellenberg, Alice Goodyear, Paddy Lynas ITV
Big Zuu's Big Eats Dave
Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing Bob Mortimer, Paul Whitehouse, Lisa Clark, Rob Gill, Stephanie Fyfe, Doug Bryson BBC Two
The Repair Shop BBC One
Big Zuu's Big Eats Sam Grace, Alex Gilman, Chris Faith, Lucy Blatch, Big Zuu, Rohan Minhas Dave
Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing Paul Whitehouse, Bob Mortimer, Lisa Clark, Stephanie Fyfe, Rob Gill BBC Two
Sort Your Life Out Charlotte Brookes, Kurt Seywald, James Callum, Lucy Blatch, Michael Hyland, Demi Doyle BBC One
The Great British Sewing Bee


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