DisciplineHistory of philosophy
Edited byAlix Cohen & Sacha Golob
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ISO 4Br. J. Hist. Philos.
ISSN0960-8788 (print)
1469-3526 (web)
OCLC no.27747867

The British Journal for the History of Philosophy is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal publishing articles on the history of philosophy.[1][2] It is widely regarded as one of the leading international journals in the area.[3] It has played a central role in broadening the philosophical canon to include marginalised figures and traditions.[4] From 2013-2020 the editor-in-chief was Michael A. Beaney, currently Regius Professor of Logic at the University of Aberdeen.[5] From 2021 the editors-in-chief are Alix Cohen (Edinburgh) and Sacha Golob (King's College London).[6]


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