British League Division Two
CountryUnited Kingdom

The British League Division Two was created in 1968 and was the second tier of speedway racing in the United Kingdom until the restructuring of British speedway in 1995. It was renamed the New National League in 1975 and the National League between 1976 and 1990.[1][2]


After the formation of the British League in 1965, riders wanting to break into teams found it more difficult to do so. The idea of forming a second division was suggested and in 1968 the idea became a reality when ten teams formed the league. The ten teams were: Belle Vue Colts, Berwick Bandits, Canterbury Crusaders, Crayford Highwaymen, Middlesbrough Teessiders, Nelson Admirals, Plymouth Devils, Rayleigh Rockets, Reading Racers and the Weymouth Eagles.[3]

The league was renamed the New National League (to avoid confusion with the original National League) in 1975 after promoters of the Division Two tracks decided to form their own league after they became dissatisfied with the way the league was being run by the British Speedway Promoters' Association and the name was shortened to the National League in 1976. It was again named the British League Division Two in 1991 and a system of promotion and relegation was introduced between the British League and the British League Division Two. The league existed until 1994 when the top two league divisions of speedway in the UK were amalgamated for the 1995 and 1996 seasons. In 1997 the Premier League became the second tier when the Elite League was formed.[4]


Season Champions Second
1968 Belle Vue Colts Nelson Admirals
1969 Belle Vue Colts Reading Racers
1970 Canterbury Crusaders Eastbourne Eagles
1971 Eastbourne Eagles Bradford Northern
1972 Crewe Kings Boston Barracudas
1973 Boston Barracudas Workington Comets
1974 Birmingham Brummies Eastbourne Eagles
in 1975, it was renamed the New National League
1975 Birmingham Brummies Newcastle Diamonds
from 1976-1990, it was named the National League
1976 Newcastle Diamonds Ellesmere Port Gunners
1977 Eastbourne Eagles Rye House Rockets
1978 Canterbury Crusaders Newcastle Diamonds
1979 Mildenhall Fen Tigers Rye House Rockets
1980 Rye House Rockets Newcastle Diamonds
1981 Middlesbrough Tigers Weymouth Wildcats
1982 Newcastle Diamonds Mildenhall Fen Tigers
1983 Newcastle Diamonds Mildenhall Fen Tigers
1984 Long Eaton Invaders Mildenhall Fen Tigers
1985 Ellesmere Port Gunners Poole Wildcats
1986 Eastbourne Eagles Poole Wildcats
1987 Eastbourne Eagles Mildenhall Fen Tigers
1988 Hackney Kestrels Poole Pirates
1989 Poole Pirates Wimbledon Dons
1990 Poole Pirates Middlesbrough Bears
in 1991, the name reverted to British League Division Two
1991 Arena Essex Hammers Glasgow Tigers
1992 Peterborough Panthers Berwick Bandits
1993 Glasgow Tigers Long Eaton Invaders
1994 Glasgow Tigers Long Eaton Invaders

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