Brtonigla Municipality
Općina Brtonigla - Comune di Verteneglio[1]
Church in Brtonigla/Verteneglio
Church in Brtonigla/Verteneglio
Brtonigla is located in Croatia
Location of Brtonigla in Croatia
Coordinates: 45°23′N 13°38′E / 45.383°N 13.633°E / 45.383; 13.633Coordinates: 45°23′N 13°38′E / 45.383°N 13.633°E / 45.383; 13.633
Country Croatia
 • Municipal mayorPaolo Klaric
 • Total32.72 km2 (12.63 sq mi)
141 m (463 ft)
 • Total1,626
 • Density50/km2 (130/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Brtonigla ([needs Croatian IPA] Italian: Verteneglio; Venetian: Vertenejo) is a village and a municipality in the north-western part of Istria County, Croatia. Brtonigla is officially bilingual, with Croatian and Italian being equal; in 2011, 40% of the population declared themselves as ethnic Italians.[2]

Physical geography

View of Brtonigla
View of Brtonigla

Brtonigla/Verteneglio was formerly part of the municipality of Buje, which is immediately north, and is bordered to the south by the River Quieto. The old town of Brtonigla originally was placed on top of a hill but over time it extended to its sides occupying the entire hill. The area is suitable for agriculture. Wine, grain, corn, oil and vegetables are produced there. It is about 3km far from Buje while it is about 4km from the sea. The nearest seaside resort is Karigador. The summers are long and dry, while the winters are mild and pleasing.


Brtonigla was mentioned for the first time in 1234, with the ancient name Ortoneglo or Hortus Niger, i.e. black ground garden.[3]

In the 11th century Venetians settled in the area, and in the 16th and 17th century Dalmatian and Balkan peasant families settled there too. Vertenejo was part of the Serenissima Republic of Venice and then of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with the brief parenthesis of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy. After the First World War and then the Treaty of Rapallo, the village became part of Italy, a period in which Verteneglio knew its maximum demographic and economic development. After the Second World War it was included in Zone B of the Free Territory of Trieste. With the cession of Zone B to Yugoslavia, most of the Italian population abandoned the village, by then known as Brtonigla. Since 1991, Brtonigla is a municipality in the Istria County of the Republic of Croatia.

Italian-period coat of arms (1920-1947)
Italian-period coat of arms (1920-1947)

Coat of arms

The municipal symbol became official for the first time during the period of Italian sovereignty (1920-1945). The symbol then consisted of an oval frame enclosing a green field crossed by two dark red streets crossing the center of the coat of arms and the sea (towards the lower part of the coat of arms).[4] The coat of arms that is used since the independence of Croatia perfectly copies the old coat of arms except the sea that has been moved upward. Everything is enclosed in a white frame.



Bilingual signes in Brtonigla (Ulica - Via Giuseppe Garibaldi)
Bilingual signes in Brtonigla (Ulica - Via Giuseppe Garibaldi)

Languages and dialects

The municipality is bilingual; Brtonigla/Verteneglio is in fact the second Istrian mucipality, after Grožnjan/Grisignana, in terms of percentage of Italian-speaking inhabitants. Until before the exodus, the population of Italian ethnicity was between 98 and 100% of the total.

In 2001, Brtonigla/Verteneglio hosted 52,82% Croatian-speakers, 41,29% Italian-speakers, 2,47% Slovenian-speakers and 1,52% Albanian-speakers[6]

In 2011, Brtonigla/Verteneglio hosted 54% Croatian-speakers, 39,79% Italian-speakers, 2,28% Slovenian-speakers and 0,43% Albanian-speakers[7]

According to the 2011 census, municipality of Brtonigla/Verteneglio had 1.626 residents.

Historical population
of the settlement of Brtonigla/Verteneglio
1857 1,139—    
1869 1,206+5.9%
1880 1,072−11.1%
1890 1,098+2.4%
1900 1,358+23.7%
1910 1,550+14.1%
1921 2,108+36.0%
1931 2,386+13.2%
1948 1,537−35.6%
1953 989−35.7%
1961 1,107+11.9%
1971 823−25.7%
1981 803−2.4%
1991 736−8.3%
2001 827+12.4%
2011 805−2.7%
Source: Naselja i stanovništvo Republike Hrvatske 1857–2011, DZS, Zagreb


Religions in Brtonigla


Karigador (Carigador)
Karigador (Carigador)

The municipality includes several settlements:

Notable residents

Twin towns

Brtonigla/Verteneglio is twinned with:

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