Bu Jiang
Xia Dynasty pottery zun.jpg
A vessel from the Erlitou culture
King of the Xia dynasty
Reign1890–1831 BC
PredecessorXie of Xia
SuccessorJiong of Xia
Diedc.  1821 BC
IssueKong Jia
FatherXie of Xia

Bu Jiang (不降) was the eleventh king of the semi-legendary Xia Dynasty.[1] He ruled for 59 years.[2][3][4]


Bu Jiang was a son of Xie of Xia[5] and his consort and thus a grandson of Mang of Xia and brother of Jiong of Xia.[6]

His consort is unknown, and it is possible that he had concubines. His son was Kong Jia and his nephew was Jin of Xia.[7]


Bu Jiang is widely regarded as one of the wisest Emperors of Xia.[8]

According to Bamboo Annals, on the 6th year of his regime, he fought with Jiuyuan(九苑) .[9][10]

In the 35th year of his reign, his vassal state of Shang defeated Pi (皮氏).

In the 59th year of his regime he passed his throne to his younger brother Jiong. 10 years later, Bu Jiang died.


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Bu Jiang Xia Dynasty Regnal titles Preceded byXie King of China 1890 BC – 1831 BC Succeeded byJiong