Product typeSparkling water
CountryUnited States
IntroducedFebruary 1, 2018; 6 years ago (2018-02-01)
MarketsUnited States, Canada, Australia

Bubly Sparkling Water, or simply Bubly, is a line of flavoured sparkling water distributed by PepsiCo. Distribution of the product first began in February 2018, with eight flavours introduced as part of the initial line-up. The brand is aimed at competing in the growing market for healthier alternatives to traditional soft drinks, primarily against other sparkling water brands such as La Croix.[1]


Bubly is available for purchase in 12 oz. cans or 20 oz. bottles, with packaging that contains a personal message on the bottle and a greeting printed on the tab or cap.[2] All varieties of bubly are sugar-free and claimed to contain no artificial sweeteners, composed only of sparkling water and natural flavours.[3][4] The initial line-up of bubly consisted of lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, apple, mango, and cherry flavours. However, the brand has since expanded to include blackberry, peach, raspberry, cranberry, pineapple, passionfruit, watermelon, coconut-pineapple, blueberry-pomegranate, white-peach-ginger varieties. An unflavoured version, under the name "justbubly" is also available.[5]

In 2021, a line of caffeinated sparkling water drinks was introduced under the name bubly bounce, each containing 35 mg of caffeine.[6] Bubly bounce is produced in mango-passionfruit, blueberry-pomegranate, triple-berry, citrus-cherry, and blood orange-grapefruit varieties. In 2022, Bubly introduced the limited-edition Belini Bliss flavour, their first mocktail offering.[7] In 2023, Bubly introduced a line of dessert-inspired sparkling waters, comprising orange cream, key lime pie, and lemon sorbet flavours.


Bubly was first launched in the United States and Canada in February 2018. In May 2023, PepsiCo expanded the brand into the Australia and New Zealand market.[8]


Bubly aired a commercial starring Canadian singer Michael Bublé during Super Bowl LIII in 2019, in which the singer repeatedly pronounces the beverage's name like his own (boo-BLAY) rather than as "bubbly", much to the chagrin of a store's clerk.[9][10] Bublé would appear in subsequent advertising campaigns for the beverage, particularly in his native Canada,[11][12][13] and PepsiCo first released a special "Merry Berry Bublé" flavor for the holiday season in 2021.[14]


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