The presidential bulava (mace) is one of the official symbols of the President of Ukraine. Made of gilded silver. The handle and top of the Mace of the President of Ukraine are decorated with decorative ornaments and decorated with precious stones.

The case to the Mace of the President of Ukraine is made of mahogany, decorated with a relief image of the small State Emblem of Ukraine made of yellow metal.

The mace of the President of Ukraine testifies to the continuity of centuries-old historical traditions of Ukrainian statehood - ceremonial maces were signs of power of Ukrainian hetmans, Kosh atamans of the Zaporozhian Sich, Sich and registered Cossack colonels.


The presidential bulava (mace) is made of gold-plated silver and weighs 750 grams. It consists of two hollow parts: a handle and a top, the so-called apple. The apple of the mace is decorated with gold ornamental medallions and crowned with a gold stylized wreath decorated with stones and enamel. According to tradition, it has 64 stones (emeralds and grenades) in a complex gold frame. It contains a “secret” – a three-edged damask blade bearing the engraving “Omnia revertutur”, Latin for Everything returns. The top of the mace is adorned with golden ornamental medallions and crowned with an enameled and gemmed golden wreath. The mace is fitted with a total of 64 emeralds and garnets, mounted in gold. The blade can be extracted from the mace by means of a button decorated with a Yakut emerald. The mace is kept in a mahogany carved coffer. The lodgement is made of purple velvet. First, a lock was placed on the casket, which was later replaced by a gilded figure of a guardian angel, so as not to complicate the opening of the casket during the ceremonies.

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