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Burnt Offerings
1998 US cover
AuthorLaurell K. Hamilton
Cover artistLee MacLeod (Ace edition)
CountryUnited States
SeriesAnita Blake: Vampire Hunter
GenreHorror, Mystery, Erotic novel
PublisherAce Books (Ace edition)
Publication date
1998 (Ace edition)
Media typePrint (Paperback)
Pages392 pp (Ace edition)
ISBN0-441-00524-1 (Ace edition)
Preceded byThe Killing Dance 
Followed byBlue Moon 

Burnt Offerings is the seventh in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series of horror/mystery/erotica novels by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Plot introduction

Burnt Offerings continues the adventures of Anita Blake, as she attempts to solve a series of arsons and other crimes, and deal with a threat to her lover, the vampire Jean-Claude, as he fends off a political challenge from the Vampire Council. As with the other later novels in the series, Burnt Offerings blends elements of supernatural, police procedural, and erotic fiction.

Explanation of the title

As with previous novels, "Burnt Offerings" refers to a location within the novel itself. In this case, "Burnt Offerings" is a vampire-themed theme restaurant where some of the events of the novel take place. (The fictional restaurant is itself named after the real-world 1976 haunted house movie, Burnt Offerings.)

Plot summary

As in the previous novels, Burnt Offerings requires Anita to balance her romantic life with her roles as supernatural police consultant, vampire executioner, zombie animator, human servant and lover to the vampire Master of the City and lupa to the local werewolf pack. In this case, Anita is quickly confronted with several problems that ultimately prove to be interrelated:

Anita is forced to put the mysteries aside as she participates in a series of confrontations between Jean-Claude's followers and the council. Ultimately, Anita's combination of loyalty, ruthlessness, and naiveté allows her to triumph over each of the delegations of vampires.

Characters in Burnt Offerings

Major characters

Burnt Offerings features the following major characters.

Other characters

Recurring characters in Burnt Offerings include:

Non-recurring characters include: