Owner(s)News Corp Australia
PublisherAustralian Independent Business Media
EditorAlan Kohler[1]
Founded30 October 2007[2]
HeadquartersMelbourne, Australia[3]

Business Spectator is an Australian business news website led by Alan Kohler as chairman and editor in chief. It is published by Australian Independent Business Media which is owned by News Corp Australia.


Business Spectator was launched on 30 October 2007. It was established by journalists Alan Kohler, Stephen Bartholomeusz, Robert Gottliebsen and Eric Beecher, with financial backing from John Wylie and Mark Carnegie, and with a target audience of business people.[2][4]

Australian Independent Business Media was sold to News Limited in 2012 for A$30,000,000, after Fairfax Media was out-bid.[5][6] In 2014 a subscription system was introduced for the website, with columns by the main contributors placed behind a paywall.[7]


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