By-elections to the 11th Canadian Parliament were held to elect members of the House of Commons of Canada between the 1908 federal election and the 1911 federal election. The Liberal Party of Canada led a majority government for the 11th Canadian Parliament.

The list includes a Ministerial by-election which occurred due to the requirement that Members of Parliament recontest their seats upon being appointed to Cabinet. These by-elections were almost always uncontested. This requirement was abolished in 1931.

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Retained
Drummond—Arthabaska November 3, 1910 Louis Lavergne      Liberal Arthur Gilbert      Nationaliste Called to the Senate No
City of Ottawa January 29, 1910 Sir Wilfrid Laurier      Liberal Albert Allard      Liberal Chose to sit for Quebec East. Yes
Dufferin December 22, 1909 John Barr      Conservative John Best      Conservative Death Yes
Lunenburg December 22, 1909 Alexander Kenneth Maclean      Liberal John Drew Sperry      Liberal Resignation Yes
Middlesex West November 20, 1909 William Samuel Calvert      Liberal Duncan Campbell Ross      Liberal Appointed to the National Transcontinental Railway Commission Yes
Essex North November 20, 1909 Robert Franklin Sutherland      Liberal Oliver James Wilcox      Conservative Appointed a judge No
Lotbinière October 26, 1909 Edmond Fortier      Liberal Edmond Fortier      Liberal Election declared void Yes
Strathcona October 20, 1909 Wilbert McIntyre      Liberal James McCrie Douglas      Liberal Death Yes
Montcalm September 25, 1909 François Octave Dugas      Liberal David Arthur Lafortune      Independent Liberal Appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Quebec No
Waterloo North June 22, 1909 William Lyon Mackenzie King      Liberal William Lyon Mackenzie King      Liberal Recontested upon appointment as Minister of Labour. Yes
Carleton February 22, 1909 Robert Borden      Conservative Edward Kidd      Conservative Chose to sit for Halifax Yes
Comox—Atlin February 8, 1909 William Sloan      Liberal William Templeman      Liberal Resignation to provide a seat for Templeman Yes

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