C/2021 J1 (Maury-Attard)
Discovered byA. Maury
G. Attard
Discovery date2021-05-09
Orbital characteristics A
Observation arc124 days
Perihelion1.741 AU[1]
Orbital period135±2 years
Last perihelion19 February 2021
Next perihelionearly 2154[2]

C/2021 J1 (Maury-Attard) is a Halley-type comet discovered on May 9, 2021, by French amateur astronomers Alain Maury and Georges Attard[3][4] with the MAP (Maury/Attard/Parrott) observation program.[5][6] It is the first comet discovered with the synthetic tracking technique, made possible with the Tycho Tracker commercial software developed by Daniel Parrott.[5] When it was discovered, it had a magnitude of 19.

It has a 124 day observation arc.[1] It came to perihelion on 19 February 2021. The next perihelion will be in early 2154.[2]


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