The CBS/Fox Company
CBS/Fox Video
TypeGeneral partnership
IndustryHome video
PredecessorsMagnetic Video
20th Century-Fox Video
CBS Video Enterprises
FoundedJune 1982 (1982-06)
Defunct2001 (2001)
FatePartnership ended
Successors20th Century Studios Home Entertainment
CBS Home Entertainment
Area served
ProductsPrerecorded videos
OwnersCBS Inc. (50%)
20th Century Fox (50%)
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The CBS/Fox Company, doing business under the brand CBS/Fox Video, was a home video entertainment company formed and established in June 1982, as a merger between 20th Century-Fox Video and CBS Video Enterprises. CBS/Fox released videos in the VHS, Laserdisc, and Betamax home video formats.

The company was based in Farmington Hills, Michigan (home of its predecessor Magnetic Video) until 1985, when it moved to Livonia, Michigan. In 1989, it moved its headquarters to New York City, where it stayed until it became Fox Video (now 20th Century Studios Home Entertainment) in 1991.

CBS/Fox Video was founded as a 50-50 venture with 20th Century Fox in 1982 when CBS broke off a previous venture formed in 1980 with MGM. During this period, both companies continued to operate independently while maintaining their partnership. A reorganization occurred in 1990 with CBS selling products under the CBS Video name (which had been sparingly used since the 1970s) and mainstream Fox titles being controlled by FoxVideo; the change was enacted in 1991. In the early 2000s, CBS/Fox ceased operations.


Joint venture

The 1980s

FoxVideo, Inc.
TypeGeneral partnership
IndustryHome Video
FoundedMarch 1991 (1991-03)
Defunct1998 (1998)
FateCeased operations and folded into 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Successor20th Century Studios Home Entertainment
Area served
ProductsPre-recorded home video releases
OwnerNews Corporation
Parent20th Century Fox
Footnotes / references

In 1982, CBS formed a 50-50 venture with 20th Century Fox after Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer broke off a joint venture with CBS, MGM/CBS Home Video, to market videocassettes and videodiscs.[2] This was publicly announced on June 18, 1982, where they announced CBS's 40-acre film and production facility in Studio City, California (currently known as the CBS Studio Center) would be operated by both companies.[1] In the process, CBS and Fox continued to independently supply programs for the home video market, while CBS/Fox supplied films from motion picture studios.[2]

At the end of 1990, CBS/Fox reported they controlled 6.5% of the home video market and reported revenues of $249 million.[3]

In March 1991, a reorganization of the company occurred, which would give Fox greater control of the joint venture. All of CBS/Fox's distribution functions were transferred to the newly formed FoxVideo, which would also take over exclusive distribution of all 20th Century Fox products. CBS began releasing their products under the "CBS Video" name (which had been sparingly used since the 1970s), with CBS/Fox handling marketing and FoxVideo handling distribution. CBS/Fox would retain the license to non-theatrical products from third parties, including those from BBC Video and the NBA.[4][5]

Later years and decline

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment was founded in 1995, as an umbrella encompassing FoxVideo, CBS/Fox, and several other divisions, including Fox Interactive. Over the next three years, the FoxVideo and CBS/Fox names were gradually phased out in favor of TCFHE. The final VHS released under the CBS/Fox label would be the US release of Walking with Dinosaurs. In 2000, CBS's merger with Viacom was finalized, and the CBS/Fox partnership ceased existence.

Other labels

CBS/Fox used specialty labels for children's and family's videos, music videos, and sports videos. In addition to its main CBS/Fox label, CBS/Fox maintained two other labels, Key Video for catalog and other titles, and Playhouse Video for children's and family titles.[6] These became inactive by 1991, though 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment reactivated the Key Video label as Key DVD.


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