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Original author(s)Mike Glover
Developer(s)Thomas Dickey
Stable release
5.0-20200228 / February 28, 2020; 3 years ago (2020-02-28)
Operating systemUnix, Linux, POSIX
TypeProgramming library
LicenseBSD Edit this at Wikidata

CDK is a library written in C that provides a collection of widgets for text user interfaces (TUI) development. The widgets wrap ncurses functionality to make writing full screen curses programs faster. Perl[1][2] and Python[3] bindings are also available.

There are two versions of the library. It was originally written by Mike Glover, introduced as version 4.6 in comp.sources.unix.[4] The other version was extended beginning in May 1999 by Thomas Dickey.

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