CSKA Moscow
Full nameCentral Army Sports Club Moscow
Russian: Центральный спортивный клуб Армии
Based in
Moscow, Russia Russia
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CSKA Moscow (Russian: ЦСКА Москва) is a major Russian sports club based in Moscow. It was created in 1911 in the Russian Empire on base of OLLS (Skiing Society, founded 1901). Later, during the Soviet era, it was a central piece of the big Soviet Armed Forces sports society, which in turn was associated with the Soviet Army; because of this, it was popularly referred to in the West as "Red Army" or "the Red Army team". The historical CSKA sport club (a.k.a. "Big CSKA") is still a department of the Russian Defense Ministry.


The "Big CSKA" had several teams in many sports, but those which are still operating are all now private clubs:

Sport Teams
Football PFC CSKA Moscow formed in 1911.
WFC CSKA Moscow formed in 2016.
Ice hockey HC CSKA Moscow formed in 1946.
Basketball PBC CSKA Moscow formed in 1923.
WBC CSKA Moscow formed in 1923, disbanded in 2009.
Volleyball VC CSKA Moscow formed in 1946, disbanded in 2009.
WVC CSKA Moscow formed in 1936, disbanded in 2008.
Water Polo CSK VMF Moscow formed in 1924.
Futsal MFK CSKA Moscow formed in 1996.
Handball HBC CSKA Moscow formed in 1973, disbanded in 2001.
HBC CSKA Moscow (women) formed in 2019.
Rugby RC CSKA Moscow formed in 2014.
WRC CSKA Moscow formed in 2014.
Bandy CKSA Moscow formed in 1923, disbanded in 1962.
Beach soccer BSC CSKA Moscow formed in 2010.
Sport wrestling CSKA Wrestling Club formed in 1997.

The CSKA has also been home to many elite figure skaters, including Adelina Sotnikova, Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. Elena Mukhina, the 1978 World Champion artistic gymnast; Aliya Mustafina and Yevgeniya Kanayeva, Olympic gold medalists in gymnastics; Sofya Velikaya, a sabre fencer; Olympic champions Elena Vesnina and Viktor An; and many others are also members of the sports club.

Brief overview

The club was created as the "Experimentally demonstrative Military Sports field of Vsevobuch" (OPPV) in February 1923 by the Central Administration of Military Training for workers based on the pre-revolutionary "Society of Ski Sports Amateurs" (OLLS Moscow). The field was located at the Sokolniki Park in Moscow. On April 29, 1923 the football team of the club has played its first game in the Moscow city championship. In February 1928 the club was included to the newly established the Frunze Central House of Red Army (CDKA) as a department of physical culture and sports. In October 1953 all sports centers of CDKA and Air Force of the Moscow Military District were included in the Central Sports Club of Ministry of Defense (CSK MO), which in April 1960 it was renamed into its more common title - the Central Sports Club of the Armed Forces (CSKA), which the Moscow branch belonged as the flagship and most elite of all the clubs within the Soviet Armed Forces.

The club is active in more than 40 sports,[1] and produced 463 Olympic champions for the Soviet Union and Russia, 11,000 champions in local Soviet and Russian championships, and 2629 golden medalists in European and world championships.[2]

In 1973 the CSKA sports society was awarded the Order of Lenin.

Chiefs and presidents

Period Chef / President
1923–1924 Soviet Union Rebrik D. M.
1924–1938 Soviet Union Vernikovsky B. A.
1939–1940 Soviet Union Sretensky E. S.
1943–1947 Soviet Union Vasiljev D. M.
1948–1949 Soviet Union Andreev V. A.
1950–1952 Soviet Union Halkiopov P. V.
1952–1953 Soviet Union Somov M. M.
1953–1956 Soviet Union Sysoev V. D.
1956–1961 Soviet Union Novgorodov
1962–1969 Soviet Union Schitov N. P.
1969–1970 Soviet Union Chanyshev A. H.
1970–1976 Soviet Union Tabunov I. D.
1976–1982 Soviet Union Pokusaev I. K.
1983–1987 Soviet Union Bludov Y. M.
1987–1989 Soviet Union Zaharov V. A.
1989–1992 Soviet Union Akentjev A. V.
1992–1994 Russia Lagovsky S.M.
1994–1998 Russia Baranovsky A.
1998–2002 Russia Mamiashvili M.
2002 Russia Nino N.
2002–2006 Russia Smorodskaya O.
2006–2009 Russia Kuschenko S.
2009 Russia Pak A.
2009–2012 Russia Shlyachtin D.
Russia Ovsyannikov Y.
Russia Lukashov V.
2014–2017 Russia Baryshev M.
2017–present Russia Gromov A.


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