Reporter of Decisions of California
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Lawrence W. Striley

since 2014
Reports toSupreme Court of California
Inaugural holderEdward Norton

The California Reporter of Decisions is a reporter of decisions supervised by the Supreme Court of California responsible for editing and publishing the published opinions of the judiciary of California. The Supreme Court's decisions are published in official reporters known as California Reports and the decisions of the Courts of Appeal are published in the California Appellate Reports.

List of Reporters

Name Term
Edward Norton 1850–1851
Nathaniel Bennett 1851–1852
Rufus A. Lockwood 1852
H. P. Hepburn 1852–1854
Wm. Gouverneur Morris 1855
H. Toler Booraem 1856–1858
Harvey Lee 1858–1859
John B. Harmon 1859–1860
David T. Bagley 1860–1862
Curtis J. Hillyer 1862–1863
Charles A. Tuttle 1863–1867
J. E. Hale 1867–1869
Tod Robinson 1869
R. Aug. Thompson 1870–1871
Charles A. Tuttle 1871–1878
G. J. Carpenter 1878
George H. Smith 1879–1882
W. W. Cope 1883–1887
C. P. Pomeroy 1887–1917
Randolph V. Whiting 1917–1940
B. E. Witkin 1940–1949
Wm. Nankervis, Jr. 1949–1969
Robert E. Formichi 1969–1989
Edward W. Jessen 1989–2014
Lawrence W. Striley 2014–present