Cam Clarke
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Clarke at the 2014 Calgary Expo
Other names
  • James Flinders
  • Jimmy Flinders
  • Kelly Brewster
  • Cameron Charles
  • Cam Clark
  • Clark Kelly
  • Adam Nevel
OccupationVoice actor
Years active1964–present
AgentSutton, Barth and Vennari
FamilyLex de Azevedo (half-brother)
Alvino Rey (uncle)
Pat Fraley (cousin)
Buddy Cole (uncle)
Tina Cole (cousin)

Cam Clarke is an American voice actor, known for his work in animation, video games and commercials. Among his notable roles are Leonardo and Rocksteady in the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, Shotaro Kaneda in the 1989 original Streamline Pictures English dub of Akira, and Liquid Snake in the Metal Gear series. He often serves as a voice double for Matthew Broderick and served as Broderick's singing voice of Simba in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.


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Clarke began his acting career in The Hollywood Palace as The King Family Show. He continued to perform with his family on various television specials until the 1980s when he got his first voice acting roles in Snorks and Robotech. He was taught by Michael Bell.

To date, Clarke has voiced over four hundred titles. From 1987 until 1996, Cam Clarke would most notably portray Leonardo, the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as Rocksteady, one of the show's antagonists. Clarke would reprise the role of Leonardo in non-musical spoken portions of the first show of the TMNT: Coming Out of Their Shells concerts designed around the Ninja Turtle characters held at Radio City Music Hall, though the later VHS tape released of the event leaves him uncredited.

Personal life

Clarke is the nephew to guitarist Alvino Rey and pianist Buddy Cole, cousin to actress Tina Cole, actor and TMNT co-star Pat Fraley, and writer Chris Conkling, half brother to musicians Ric and Lex de Azevedo, and uncle to voice actress Emilie Brown and actress Rachel Coleman.

Clarke is gay,[1] and his experiences inspired his album Inside Out, which changed pronouns in lyrics of classic songs[2][3] and his one-man autobiographical play Stop Me If I Told You This.[4][5]

Clarke is a survivor of HIV, having lived with it for decades.[6]



Year Title Role Notes Source
1973 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids Additional Voices
1987–1990 Dino-Riders Ikon, Aero, Krok, Additional voices
1987–1996 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo, Rocksteady, Director, Alien, Alfredo, Attila the Frog, Cop #1, Angry Man on Street, Chester, Mighty Rocksteady, Dr. Estrange, Mayor, Lt. Montoya, Oswald Dren, Rupert, Guard #1, Babyface Cleaver, Teenage Thief, Dr. Keppel, Pinky McFingers, Police Sargent, Mad Dog Goon #2, Bank Guard #1, Zack's Dad, Eric, Professor Tut, Shell-Ri-La High Councillor, Diner Worker, Soldier on Radio, Gloomy Krangazoid, Mung Main role
1988 Snoopy! The Musical Snoopy (speaking and singing) TV special
Denver, the Last Dinosaur Mario, Shades Main role
1989 The California Raisins Show Beebop
1990–1991 TaleSpin Daring Dan Dawson
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Igor, Tomacho
1991–1993, 1995 Captain Planet and the Planeteers Ooze, additional voices
1991–1992 Space Cats Additional voices
1991–1993 Mr. Bogus Mr. Bogus Main role
1992–1997 Eek! The Cat Puffy, Wuz Wuz, Huckleberry, Voice on Radio, Reindeer, Elves, TV Announcer, Additional voices Also The Terrible Thunderlizards
1994 Aladdin Man, Additional Voices
1994–1996 The Tick Die Fledermaus, Fishboy: Lost Prince of Atlantis Main role
1995–1997 The Mask: Animated Series Putty Thing
1995 Space Strikers
1995–1997 Gargoyles Gillecomgain (Young), Quarryman 1, Maxwell, Brendan
1996 Quack Pack Gustav Goose
1997 The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper The Prince, Various voices
Spider-Man Mister Fantastic
1998 Cow and Chicken Airport Announcer, Captain, Customer #1, Cop #1, Thief #2, Additional voices
KaBlam! Additional voices Episode: "More Happiness Than Allowed By Law" (segment: "Jetcat")
1998–1999 Mad Jack the Pirate Sternly Ed Nerwood, Tolouse, Gnome #2, Arturo Caliente, additional voices
2000 Pepper Ann Stuart Walldinger
2000–2003 Clifford the Big Red Dog Mac, Mark Howard, Mr. Dink, Ad Announcer, K.C.
2001 Disney's House of Mouse Simba
2002–2004 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Prince Adam/He-Man Main role
2002 Justice League Paramedic Episode: "A Knight of Shadows Part 1"
2003–2005 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Melvin, Mandy's Monster, Irwin's Brother, Worm, Kid on TV, Man, British Captain, Unicorn, Pirate, CIA Agent #5, Employee, Kid #2, Narrator
2003–2004 Clifford's Puppy Days Mark Howard
2004 Megas XLR Bot #32, Robot, Bot No. 101 Episode: "A Clockwork Megas"
2006 Avatar: The Last Airbender Lao Bei Fong Episode: "The Blind Bandit"
2007–2010 Roary the Racing Car Additional Voices
2007–2011 Back at the Barnyard Freddy, additional voices Main role, 52 episodes
2008 The Land Before Time Bron Episode: "The Big Longneck Test"
2009 Olivia King
2009–2012 Special Agent Oso Whirly Bird, R.R. Rapide Main role
2009 Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series Laz Howard, Helicopter Pilot, additional voices Main role
2010, 2012 The Avenger: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Doc Samson, Constrictor (1st Time), Vector, Hulkbuster Pilot
2011 Star Wars: The Clone Wars O-Mer
2013 Avengers Assemble Piledriver
2014, 2016–2017 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 80s Leonardo, 80's Rocksteady
2014 Rainbow Brite Murky Dismal, Red Butler
2016–2019 The Lion Guard Mwoga
2021 High Guardian Spice Sorrel [7]

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