Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club
Image showing the rowing club
LocationCambridge, United Kingdom
Home waterRiver Cam and River Great Ouse
Founded1974 (1974)[1]
AffiliationsBritish Rowing
Henley Boat Races
Notable members

Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club (CULRC) was the University rowing club for lightweight male oarsmen at the University of Cambridge, principally to race against Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club (OULRC) annually in the Lightweight Men's Boat Race.

In April 2020 it was agreed that CULRC would combine with the openweight men's club CUBC and the women's club CUWBC into one club.[2] The merger took place on 1 August 2020. CUBC now selects a lightweight men's Blue Boat from the men's squad to represent Cambridge at the Lightweight Boat Races.


The club was founded in 1974 by Richard Bates and raced against Oxford in 1975.[3] These races were the basis on which the Henley Boat Races were later founded. For more than twenty five years Robert Greatorex presided over the club. In recent years, the club fielded two crews each year, the lightweight Blue Boat and Granta, the lightweight reserve crew. The reserve boat, Granta, raced Oxford's equivalent, Nephthys, from 2000 until 2007 and restarted racing Oxford in a pairs race in recent years.

For a brief period in 1999 - 2002 there was an active old boys club "Farmer" whose finest race was beating the 1999 Nephthys crew by 2L.[citation needed]

The Blue Boat crew have the right to wear a distinctive uniform. As a half blue sport, they wear a unique Cambridge blue and white striped blazer with the club insignia on the chest pocket. This blazer design has been retained by the Blue Boat upon merger with CUBC. Blue Boat oarsmen who go on to win a round of the Temple Challenge Cup or Prince Albert Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta in the same season as their Boat Race are awarded Discretionary Full Blues and are entitled to wear a Cambridge blue blazer with the club insignia on the chest pocket. Granta members who race in the Reserve race against Nepthys are entitled to wear the Granta Colours blazer, the same design as the Blue Boat but without the club insignia on the chest pocket.

Past Crews

This is a list of CULRC/CUBC crews who have raced the men's lightweight boat race against Oxford [4][5][6] [7]

Date Result Winning time Winning margin (lengths) Crew (rowers are listed left to right in boat position from bow to stroke, followed by the cox)
1975 Won R. Bates, T, Rossiter, N. Burnett, D. Reddaway, D. Dumbell, R. Greatorex, J. Barter, M. Archer, A Elgood
1976 Lost P. Summers, P. Watson, M. Rockel, I. Pritchard, F. Suess, R. Greatorex, J. Watson, J. Hare, A. Narula
1977 Lost I. Pritchard, W. Bradbury, J. Hutton, D. Jennings, P. Summers, J. Hare, F. Suess, P. Watson, J. Till
1978 Won 5:48 +23 P. Ainsworth, B. Booth, N. Thomas, S. Phillips, A. Parks, P. Munro-Faure, P. Watson, A. Hay, P. Smith
1979 Won 5.39 +23 J. Chauncy, S. Trowell, A. Dunlop, B. Booth, J. Ambrose, D. Jennings, C. Hyatt, S. Worth, A. Bustany
1980 Won 2 Steve Jones, Steve Brown, Simon Bowden, Ian Nissenbaum, Neil Smilth, Dale Jennings, Tony Williams, Rob Robinson, Alan Bustany
1981 Won Canvas Rob Howlett, Rory Seaton, Simon Bowden, Steve Brown, Simon Cole, Charlie Winslade, Steve Jones, Chris Harris, Joe Sell
1982 Won 13 Jeremy Arnold, Ian Brown, James Cox, Chris Harris, Ewen Wigley, Ric Paige, Dave Pocock, Steve Jones, Julien Hartley
1983 Won 6:53 3 Adrian Manning, John Stephenson, Ed Piggott, Richard Millett, David McGinnis, Tim Lucas, Steve Jones, Guy Eastaugh, Henry Dunlop
1984 Won 1+13 Jeremy H.Boardman, Tim Raffle, Nicholas E.S.Bugg, Martin White, Stephen Kirkpatrick, Stephen Williams, John Stebbing, Neil S.P..Blundell, Henry W. Dunlop.
1985 Won 6 ft Piers Copham, Andrew Hobart, Bruce Braithwaite, David Wright, Andrew Kelly, Martin White, Roberto Townshend, Paul Sansome, Andrew Holmes
1986 Won 2 Mark Binns, Ian Cammack, Andrew Hobart, Jerry Dawes, Henry Elkington, Julian Hanson, Rod Peters, Chris Jacob, John Benford
1987 Won 6:09 12 Charlie Rowley, John Wilson, Mark Ingham, David Calder, Richard Morgan, James Irvine, Jeremy Dawes, Rod Hiorns, Keven Mentzel
1988 Won B. Potterill, A.C King, A.D Oberreit, R.P.D Foster, P.J Gordon, R.E Hiorns, A.G Hobart, J.P.H Entwisle, Miss J.A Horne
1989 Won 5:51 4+12 P.H Gillespie, C.I Pritchard, A.J Rowell, D.R.P Vye, C.J Meyrick, M Cross, B.R Potterill, R.P.D Foster, N Harris
1990 Won 6:40 4+34 P.H Gillespie, A.J Bird, D.J Lipson, A.R Wiliams, D.M.P Height, A.G Goyder, T.W Owen, C.I. Pritchard, K.V Haslett
1991 Won 6:39 13 P Woodburn, R Rayward, J Milne, M Dickinson, R Williams, R Quickfall, S Johns, M Tovell, R Reeve
1992 Lost 5:40 2+12 D.H.B Burgess, A.R Kennedy, P.J Woodburn, R.P Tett, N.L.G Hopley, J.S Riley, A.H.R Stewart, M Tovell, F Pritchard
1993 Won 5:39 12 S.A.S Walker, C.K Vincent, S.C.R Donne, S Jose, A.J Kuropatwa, C Harris, D.H.R Burgess, M.J Webb, S.Patel
1994 Lost 5:35 34 Andy Jones, George Gilbert, Hari Jayram, Tim Rollingsonn, Zac Peake, Matt Webb, Sim Fuller, Oliver Kuropatwa, Ian Cragg-Hine
1995 Won 5:29 13 Mike Lea, Dan Oldfield, J. Smallwood, Matt Rayham, M.R Clarke, Rod Chisholm, Matt Webb, Wayne Baker, Laura Marx
1996 Lost NRO disq Charlie Tavener, Tom Killick, Tom Middleton, Mike "Buck" Rogers, Hari Jayaram, Edwin Truesdale, Jamie Sporle, Bruce Perry, Jason Yeung
1997 Lost 5:49 1 Jon Key, Tom Killick, Dave Lowish, Martin Hoather, Trond Bustnes, Justin Slater, Dan Darley, Bruce Perry, Zack Taylor
1998 Won 5:45 12 David Tait, Marten Brelen, Bruce Perry, Alex O'Reilly, Nick de Pennington, Martin Hoather, Tom Latter, Tom Killick, Laura Watkins
1999 Lost 5:31 1+12 James Porter, David Tait, Dave Lowish, Mike Rogers, Nick de Pennington, Matt Arnold, Tom Latter, Matt Newland, Brad Parr
2000 Won 5:40 2 Chris Wright, Alex Aitkin, Pete Forester, Luke Lewis, Garan Jenkin, Jamie Bottomley, Nick English, Jon Hickey, Alex Johnson-Marshall
2001 Won 6:33 4 Alex Brooks, Chris Morgan, Andy Adams, Alex Knott, Nick English, Jamie Bottomley, Charlie Bourne, Alex Higham, Eleanor Griggs
2002 Lost 5:21 2 Rob Ennals, Oli Watkins, Simon Case, Alex Higham, Lawrence Taylor, Ian Craig, Charles Bourne, Jamie Bottomley, Vanessa Murrie
2003 Lost 5:55 1+14 Alex Summers, Joe Grundy, Jeremy Boote, Charlie Reid, Alex Hamilton, Doug Perrin, Lawrence Taylor, Owen Richards, Holly Rogers
2004 Lost 5:36 12 Doug Perrin, Alex Summers, Andy Hudson, Geoff Ball, Simon Kerr, Nick Armitage, Geoff Roberts, Tom Dyson, Rebecca Dowbiggin
2005 Lost 5:51 3 Colin Prue, Alex Summers, Simon Evans, John Winny, Tim Perera, John Prendergast, George Wallis, Tom Dyson, Dyfan Howells
April 1, 2006 Lost 5:18 2+14 Rafael Mora, Ed Pain, Emmanuel Moll, Jon Winny, John Davies, Will Buttinger, Ian Sealey, Callum Stewart
April 1, 2007 Lost 3:44 1 Christopher Kerr, Sam Thompson, Ian Sealey, James Fulcher, George Blessley, Jon Stockton, Charlie Pitt-Ford, Will Calvert, Dave White
March 23, 2008 Lost 6:15 2+12 John Kyffin, James Fulcher, Ben Thomas, Peter Herrick, Alex Markham, George Blessley, Mark Aldred, Christopher Kerr, Ted Randolph
March 22, 2009 Won 5:49 3 Christopher Kerr, John Kiely, Alistair Chappelle, Mark Aldred, George Blessley, John Hale, Iain Rist, Donald Evans, Elizabeth Box
March 28, 2010 Won 5:28 2 ft Christopher Kerr, Matt Lawes, Christopher Bellamy, Iain Rist, Charlie Pitt-Ford, Tom Coker, Alistair Chappelle, John Hale, Ruth Coverdale
March 27, 2011 Lost 5:54 Canvas Sam Blackwell, Charlie Adams, Rupert Price, Sam Hayes, Christopher Bellamy, John Hale, Piran Tedbury, Olli Lupton, Katie Phillips
March 25, 2012 Won 6:00 34 James Wedlake, Martin Kubie, Simon Morris, Matthew White, Charlie Pitt-Ford, Piran Tedbury, Rupert Price, Nicolas Kernick, Michael Hook
March 24, 2013 Lost 6:49 1+23[8] William Handy, Christopher Kerr, Nikodem Szumilo, Nicolas Kernick, Andrzej Hunt, James Wedlake, Simon Morris, William Kenyon, Jonathon Dean[9]
March 30, 2014 Won 5:30 3+12[10] Greg Street, Emanuel Malek, James Green, Andrei Lebed, Nikodem Szumilo, William Hayes, Giovanni Bergamo Andreis, Andrzej Hunt, Callum Mantell[11]
April 5, 2015 Won 5:55 4 ft[12] Tim Rademacher, Thomas Wileman, Moritz Matthey, Lawrence Clare, Charlie Cullen, Archie Wood, Raffaele Nicholas Russo, Tom Chess, Alistair Nelson[13]
March 19, 2016 Won 6:19[14] Easily[15] Ben Mackworth, Thomas Wileman, Jamie Brown, Sam Philpott, Theo Clark, Charlie Cummins, Charlie Cullen, Giovanni Bergamo Andreis, Sneha Naik[16]
March 26, 2017 Won 6:07 1+34 Chris Jones, Robbie Sewell, Zenas van Veldhoven, Charlie Cummins, Ben Mackworth, Sam Philpott, Jamie Brown*, Giovanni Bergamo Andreis, Dom Hall
March 19, 2018 Won 6:26 13 Calum McRae, Julian Sproßmann, Zenas van Veldhoven*, Neil Paul, Theo Weinberger, Felix Koninx, Ben Mackworth, Sam Philpott, Juliet Armstrong
March 23, 2019 Lost 17:44 2+14 Peter Taylor, Teague Smith, Freddie Markanday, Sam Armstrong, Daumantas Kavolis, Tom Roe*, Jonathan Vibhishanan, Michael Diggin, Jack Mason
March 15, 2020 Lost 18:50 3+12 Luke Andrews, Matthew Edge, James Crossley, Eytan Cortissos, Daumantas Kavolis, James Lee, Ben Wood, Teague Smith*, Jamie Bailey
May 23, 2021 Lost 14:19 1+12 Cameron Mackenzie, Fred Gillard, Sam Kitto, Eytan Cortissos*, Freddie Scott, Rob Peacock, Calum McRae, Matthew Edge, Holly Beveridge
March 20, 2022 Won 18:01 5 Harry Fieldhouse, Zuhri James, Freddie Markanday, Orlando Morley, Ed Townsend, Cameron Mackenzie, Ben Wood, Matthew Edge*, Felix Craig-McFeely
March 20, 2023 Won 18:17 11 Thomas Heppel, Sam Taylor, Sam Clarke, Joe Holey, Gianluca Vartan, Harry Fieldhouse*, Ben Jones, Lewis Gray, Tteja Senthilnathan

Reserve crews (Granta)

This is a list of CULRC/CUBC Granta crews who have raced the Lightweight Reserve Race against Oxford.

Date Result Race Type Winning time Winning margin (lengths) Crew (rowers are listed left to right in boat position from bow to stroke, followed by the cox)
2000 Won VIII 5:50 2.75 A.P Harrison (Caius), M. Lovett (Clare), P.W.J Rutland (Girton), D. Howard (Corpus Christi), G.D.R Garforth-Bles (Sidney Sussex), C.J Morgan (Christ's), C.G.F Bourne (Trinity Hall), S.R Sutton (Sidney Sussex), E.C Grose (Corpus Christi)
2001 Lost VIII 1.5 T.A.W Jarratt (St Edmund's), J.E.H Smith (Clare), J.E.N Price (Fitzwilliam), D. Tinkler (Downing), C. Sugihara (Corpus Christi), E. Richardson (Downing), R. Muir (Queens'), A.J Gilmore (Clare), C.R Bolton (Caius)
2002 Lost VIII 5:33 2 M.B Suret (Clare), J.W Grundy (Trinity), A.J Barr (St Catharine's), A.F Ford (Fitzwilliam), G.J Brook (St Edmund's), J.D Wright (Trinity Hall), T.W Rose (Trinity), J.P D'Arcy (Pembroke), E. Nesbit (Darwin)
2003 Won VIII 6:19 2.75 Mel Harbour (Peterhouse), Tim Steele (Robinson), Ross Cook (St Catharine's), Ed Peacock (Trinity), Andy Rankin (Emmanuel), Ross Williamson (Trinity Hall), James Wright (Trinity Hall), Edd Knowles (Emmanuel), Ellen Nisbet (Darwin)
2004 Lost VIII 5:45 Canvas G.W Wallis (St John's), G. Sills (Trinity), P.D Allen (Jesus), J.R Third (Corpus Christi), P.E Hayball (Queens'), C.A.F Read (Magdalene), N.R Thornton (Girton), T.C Keeling (St John's), S.C Daniell (Girton)
2005 Lost VIII 6:07 4.5 E. Moll (Peterhouse), A.D Twigg (King's), N.P.J Grafton-Green (Peterhouse), J.R.W Hewitt (Girton), P.E Hayball (Queens'), J.C Williams (Corpus Christi), E. Deadman (St Catharine's), E.J Farnell (Churchill), L. Preece (Trinity Hall)
2006 Lost VIII 5:26 5 G. Matmon (St Edmund's), C.P.L Meakins (Homerton), J.C Williams (Corpus Christi), S. Pancratz (Trinity), A. Hegarty (Jesus), D. Reading-Picopoulos (Clare), C.J Kerr (St Catharine's), G.J.A Hughes (Corpus Christi), C.H Logan (Sidney Sussex)
2016 Won IVx- 2[17] Barney Plummer (Trinity), James Green (Churchill), Haofeng Xu (St John's), Brennan Heames (Downing)
2017 Won VIII 5:38 3.5[18] Jon Swain (Clare), Ed Nash (Caius), Sam Pettinger-Harte (Selwyn), James Wood (Trinity Hall), Jake Rowe (Trinity) (Granta Captain), Hugo Ventham (Homerton), George Hawkswell (Caius), Nicholas Rice (Magdalene), Juliet Armstrong (Trinity)
2018 Won IV+ 7:24 1 Jonathan Shoesmith (Peterhouse), Nicholas Rice (Magdalene), Hugo Ventham (Homerton), Thomas Roe (Emmanuel), Catriona Bourne Swinton Hunter (Magdalene)
2019 Lost 2- Jan Helmich (Trinity Hall), Matt Webb (Robinson)
2020 Lost 2- Canvas Eryk Sokolowski (Fitzwilliam), Jack Reid (Girton)
2021 Lost 2- 1 Luke Andrews (Caius), Alexander Miscampbell (Queens')
2022 Won 2- 2 Hal Barrow (Corpus Christi), Gianluca Maffi (Downing)
2023 Won 2- 5 Gianluca Maffi (Downing), Jack Saville (King's)

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