Chinese name
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese alphabetphân
Chữ Hán
Korean name
Mongolian name
Mongolian Cyrillicпүн
Mongolian scriptᠫᠦᠨ
Japanese name
Manchu name
Manchu scriptᡶᡠᠸᡝᠨ

A candareen (/kændəˈrn/;[1] Chinese: ; pinyin: fēn; Cantonese Yale: fàn;[2] Singapore English usage: hoon[3]) is a traditional measurement of weight in East Asia. It is equal to 10 cash and is 110 of a mace. It is approximately 378 milligrams. A troy candareen is approximately 374 milligrams (5.77 gr).

In Hong Kong, one candareen is 0.3779936375 grams[2] and, in the Weights and Measures Ordinance, it is 2150 ounces avoirdupois. In Singapore, one candareen is 0.377994 grams.[3]

The word candareen comes from the Malay kandūri.[1] An earlier English form of the name was condrin.[1] The candareen was also formerly used to describe a unit of currency in imperial China equal to 10 li () and is 110 of a mace. The Mandarin Chinese word fēn is used to denote 1100 of a Chinese renminbi yuan but the term candareen for that currency is now obsolete.

Postal denomination

The "Large Dragons", China's first postage stamps, 1878

On 1 May 1878 the Imperial Maritime Customs was opened to the public and China's first postage stamps, the "Large Dragons" (Chinese: 大龍郵票; pinyin: dài lóng yóupiào), were issued to handle payment. The stamps were inscribed "CHINA" in both Latin and Chinese characters, and denominated in candareens.[4]

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