Cannabis in Luxembourg is decriminalized for recreational use and legalized for medical use. Prosecution depends on the amount of cannabis one possesses. Since 2001, prison penalty has been substituted by a monetary fine ranging from 250 to 2,500 euros.[1]


In April 2001, Luxembourg updated its prior 1973 law, and reclassified cannabis as a Category B controlled substance, meriting only a fine for a first offense, effectively decriminalizing personal possession.[2][3]

In November 2018, the government announced that it would legalise the recreational use of cannabis, probably in late 2021, although an exact timetable has yet to be defined.[4] In October 2021, the government announced plans to legalise growing up to four cannabis plants per household for personal use.[5]

Medical cannabis

In November 2017, the Minister of Health announced a two-year pilot program under which Luxembourgers would be able to obtain cannabis extracts and cannabinoids for medical purposes.[6][7]

In June 2018, lawmakers unanimously approved a bill to legalize the medical use of cannabis.[8][9]


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