The 12 cantons (Luxembourgish: Kantonen [ˈkɑntonən] or Kantoner [ˈkɑntonɐ]; French: cantons [kɑ̃tɔ̃]; German: Kantone [kanˈtoːnə]) of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are areas of local government at the first level of local administrative unit (LAU-1) in the European Union's Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics for Eurostat purposes. They were subdivisions of the three districts of Luxembourg until 2015, when the district level of government was abolished. The cantons are in turn subdivided into 102 communes (i.e. municipalities).


The following list gives the names of the cantons in French and Luxembourgish (in that order) which are both official languages of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

Name Luxembourgish name Capital Electoral district Coat of arms[1]
Clervaux Klierf Clervaux North
Armoiries Clervaux 2
Wiltz Wolz Wiltz North
Armoiries de Wiltz 1
Vianden Veianen Vianden North
Armoiries de Nassau 2
Redange Réiden Redange North
Coat of arms redange sur attert luxbrg
Diekirch Dikrech Diekirch North
Coat of arms diekirch luxbrg
Mersch Miersch Mersch Centre
Armoiries de Mersch 1
Echternach Iechternach Echternach East
Coat of arms echternach luxbrg
Capellen Kapellen Mamer South
Armoiries de Septfontaines 1
Luxembourg Lëtzebuerg Luxembourg City Centre
Coat of arms Luxembourg City
Grevenmacher Gréiwemaacher Grevenmacher East
Coat of arms grevenmacher luxbrg
Esch-sur-Alzette Esch-Uelzecht Esch-sur-Alzette South
Coat of arms esch alzette luxbrg
Remich Réimech Remich East
Remich (canton) coat of arms

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