Ca.308 Borea
Walter Major 6 a Caproni Ca.308 Borea (3).jpg
Role Airliner
Manufacturer Caproni
First flight 1935
Primary user Ala Littoria
Number built 8

The Caproni Ca.308 Borea ("North Wind") was a small airliner built in Italy in the mid-1930s.


The Ca.308 was a streamlined, low-wing cantilevered monoplane design of conventional configuration. Its undercarriage was not retractable. The mainwheels were fitted with spats.

The prototype, designated Ca.306, was exhibited at the Milan Exhibition of 1935.

The basic design of the Ca.308 subsequently served as the basis for a large family of military aircraft, beginning with the Caproni Ca.309.

Operational history

The Italian airline Ala Littoria ordered five examples.

The Italian government ordered two aircraft for general-purpose use by its colonial administration in Libya.

All these aircraft received the Ca.308 designation.


Ca 306
The prototype, exhibited at the Milan Exhibition of 1935.
Ca 308 Borea
Production aircraft, Seven built.


 Kingdom of Italy

Specifications (Ca.308)

Caproni Ca. 308 Borea (Letectví, November 1935)
Caproni Ca. 308 Borea (Letectví, November 1935)

Data from European Transport Aircraft since 1910[1]

General characteristics


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  • Уголок неба