Caproni Ca.314.jpg
Role Attack aircraft/light bomber/torpedo bomber
Manufacturer Caproni
Primary users Italian Air Force
Hungarian Air Force
Developed from Caproni Ca.310

The Caproni Ca.314 was an Italian twin-engine attack/torpedo bomber aircraft, used in World War II.

Derived from the similar Ca.310, the Ca.314 was used mainly for ground attack and torpedo bomber missions. It was the most extensively-built Ca.310 derivative, and included variants dedicated to light bomber, convoy escort/maritime patrol, torpedo bomber, and ground-attack.

Design and development

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Operational history

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Ca 314A
Light bomber.
Ca 314-SC (Scorta)
Convoy escort, maritime patrol aircraft, 73 built.
Ca 314B
Torpedo bomber aircraft. Also known as the Ca 314-RA, 80 built.
Ca 314C
Ground-attack aircraft, 254 built.


 Kingdom of Italy

Specifications (Ca.314A)

Data from Italian Civil and Military aircraft 1930–1945[2]

General characteristics



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