Car Crash
Directed byAntonio Margheriti
Written byMarco Tullio Giordana
Massimo De Rita
Produced byGiovanni Di Clemente
StarringJoey Travolta
Vittorio Mezzogiorno
CinematographyHans Burmann
Music byGiosy & Mario Capuano
Release date
  • 1981 (1981)
Running time
95 minutes

Car Crash (also known as Carrera salvaje) is a 1981 Italian-Spanish-Mexican action film directed by Antonio Margheriti and starring Joey Travolta, Vittorio Mezzogiorno and Ana Obregón.[1][2][3]


Paul the race car driver and nick the mechanic win a fixed race and running afoul of local mafia leader Eli Wrosnky who tells them not to attend the Big Illegal race in Mexico called the imperial crash. so naturally Paul and Nick decide to visit their friend Paguito who has been working on a Pontiac firebird that was designed specifically for the imperial crash. Paguito is then shot dead. and so Paul and nick and Paul's ex-girlfriend Janice travel to Mexico city. the race begins. the mafia's hired driver Al Costa causes a crash that results in almost the whole field crashing and dying. heading into the final lap the only drivers who are still alive are Paul and Al Costa. Paul Runs Al's car off the road of the second to last turn. Paul wins on account of him being the only guy who is still alive and he, Nick, and Janice celebrate


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