Carson Desert
Timothy H. O'Sullivan's portable studio in the Carson Desert in 1867.
Area2,150 sq mi (5,600 km2) [1]
CountryUnited States
Regioncentral Lahontan subregion of the Great Basin
Borders onN: Humboldt Basin
E: Central Nevada Desert Basins
S: Walker River Basin
W: Middle Carson Watershed
NW: northern Lahontan subregion
Coordinates39°58′48″N 118°50′28″W / 39.980°N 118.841°W / 39.980; -118.841

The Carson Desert is a desert in the Lahontan Basin and the desert valley of Churchill County, Nevada (U.S.), which receives an average 5 inches (130 mm) annual precipitation.[2] The desert is the low valley area (including the Carson Sink in the north of the valley) between the adjacent mountain ranges,[3] while the larger watershed includes the interior slopes of the demarcating ranges.[4] The desert was inundated by Lake Lahontan during the Pleistocene, and the watershed became part of Nevada's Conservation Security Program in 2005.[5]


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