Catch Wrestling Association
StyleCatch Wrestling
Founder(s)Otto Wanz
Owner(s)Otto Wanz
SisterVerband Der Berufsringer
WebsiteOfficial website

The Catch Wrestling Association (CWA) was a professional wrestling organization based in Austria and Germany that was founded in 1973. It was run by Otto Wanz. The CWA featured a traditional brand of mat wrestling mixed with various “Strong Man” competitions. The company was engaged in talent-share agreements with other wrestling promotions, including New Japan Pro-Wrestling and the American Wrestling Association. These agreements expanded the opportunities given to many European wrestlers. CWA's biggest card was the Euro Catch Festival, which was held twice a year (it was held in Graz, Austria in the summer, while in the winter, it was held in Bremen, Germany).

Matches were fought using European rules, including dividing matches into three-minute rounds and having the possibility of a victory by knockout. The CWA World Heavyweight Championship was recognized as the legitimate European World Championship as counterpart to the AWA, NWA and WWF titles in North America, the Universal Wrestling Association title in Mexico and NJPW's IWGP Heavyweight Championship in Japan.


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Championship Date of entry First champion(s)
(Tag team name)
Date retired Last champion(s)
(Tag team name)
Years active
CWA World Heavyweight Championship August 14, 1973 Otto Wanz December 4, 1999 Rambo 1973–1999[8]
CWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship December 21, 1991 Bull Power December 4, 1999 Tony St. Clair 1991–1999[9]
CWA World Tag Team Championship November 23, 1988 Mile Zrno and Tony St. Clair December 4, 1999 Black Navy Seal and Ricky Santana 1988–1999[10]
CWA British Commonwealth Championship October 11, 1992 Tony St. Clair December 4, 1999 Tony St. Clair 1992–1999
CWA German Championship October 10, 1998 Christian Eckstein December 4, 1999 Christian Eckstein 1998–1999
CWA Submission Shootfighting Championship September 21, 1997 Osamu Nishimura December 4, 1999 Tony St. Clair 1997–1999
CWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship July 3, 1993 Hiroyoshi Yamamoto September 1, 2000 Eric Schwarz 1993–2000[11]
CWA World Middleweight Championship December 22, 1984 Tony St. Clair December 4, 1999 Franz Schumann 1984–1999[12]


Tournament Current winner(s) Date won Previous winner Reference
VDB European Heavyweight Tournament Charles Verhulst 3 March 2016 Hermann Iffland [13]
Hanover Tournament Ecki Eckstein 10 October 2015 Dave Taylor [14]
Bremen Catch Cup Big Tiger Steele 4 December 1999 Tony St. Clair
Graz Catch Cup Franz Schumann 4 July 1997 August Smisl
Vienna Catch Cup Viktor Krüger 3 October 1998 Cannonball Grizzly

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