This category contains articles about Christian denominational families, also known as branches of Christianity, (as opposed to listing individual denominations).

  • Denominational families (or movements) are groupings of communities, denominations, or churches within Christianity that share common naming, historical ties, and similar doctrines and practices. These denominational families lack a full-time central leadership.
  • Christian denominations do have a particular central leadership.
Major denominational families in Christianity:
Western Christianity
Eastern Christianity
(Latin Church)
Catholic Church
(Eastern Catholic Churches)
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodox Churches
Church of the East
Schism (1552)
Assyrian Church of the East
Ancient Church of the East
Protestant Reformation
(16th century)
Great Schism
(11th century)
Council of Ephesus (431)
Council of Chalcedon (451)
Early Christianity
Great Church
(Full communion)
(Not shown are ante-Nicene, nontrinitarian, and restorationist denominations.)