Pages that link to redirects may be updated to link directly to target pages; however, this is not recommended if the redirects are NOTBROKEN. Also, a redirected link should not be replaced with a piped link as the sole reason to edit a page.

This category is intended to hold redirects to templates in Category:Country data templates. Recent changes can be seen at Special:Recentchangeslinked/Category:Country data redirects. The redirects' sort keys omit the leading "Country data" string. In those cases where the redirect is recognizably about a country or comparable geographical entity, the sort is analogical—for instance, Template:Country data Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Template:Country data SFR Yugoslavia and Template:Country data Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia are all filed under Yugoslavia. Variant spellings, on the other hand, are filed as they are—for instance, Template:Country data Euskadi is filed under Euskadi because not everybody will know this is the Basque name for Basque Country.