This is a category of all articles on numbered minor planets (for unnumbered ones, see parent category). Any article is automatically added to this category if it contains a ((Minor planets navigator)) in its footer. The navigator needs a valid |number= parameter with the minor planet's catalog number. All items in this category, including recognized dwarf planets, are sorted numerically by their 0-padded, 6-digit catalog number in ascending order.

Determine the intersection with other categories

This category is the only one that separates articles from redirects. The plethora of redirect pages of minor planet objects are not included and point to one of the partial lists of the minor planet catalog, if numbered. When used with WikiMedia Foundation's PetScan utility, or with the AutoWikiBrowser's (AWB) List comparer utility, it serves to separate the pages listed in other minor-planet object-categories into articles and redirects.