This is a category for all minor planets which have been named. Items are listed in alphabetical order of their name. Also, for a split up into stand-alone articles and redirects, see Category:Minor planet objects.


This category lists all objects by their name in alphabetical order. For a correct order, a sortkey must be used, which is the name of the minor planet omitting all diacritical marks, with hyphens, (straight) apostrophes and periods/full stops being the only punctuation marks allowed. (A special sortkey rule even omits an apostrophe, if a name begins with O', so for 21774 O'Brien, the sortkey is OBrien). This sortkey is typically defined with the magic word ((DEFAULTSORT:)) and placed directly above the listed categories on a page. Apart from inconsistencies, and in rare cases of absent defaultsorts or conflicts with other categories, the sortkey may be added directly to the category (using a | character). For example, Pluto uses [[Category:Named minor planets|Pluto]]. Note that a sortkey only affects internal sorting; a category item still displays its page title.