This category is for articles about groups of novels—NOT articles about the novels themselves. Note: This is for articles on novel series—which are a set or series of novels or books that should be read in order as is often the case in speculative fiction and all its subgenres. Can be thought of as one over-riding storyline, and is often without plot re-introduction, reiteration or reminder, save for cursory mention of past events. This category is also apropos for series where some reading order is preferable, but which may not consist solely of novels such as 1632 series (wherein about half is short fiction, half novels, and sometimes the years "covered" in the book, have nothing to do with published order in our timeline), or Honorverse (some mixed short fiction with the long). This includes series described by the same author/authorial partnership that can read sequentially. Authorial intention may be enough to define a series, but this should be augmented by reader experience.

See alternative categories:
  • Category:Series of books for (non-novel) series that need not be read sequentially as each work is stand-alone enough without prior reading in the series.
  • Category:Novel sequences for series that are otherwise related—which are a set or series of novels which have their own title and free-standing storyline, and can thus be read independently or out of sequence or in sequence regardless of sharing a particular milieu or timeline.