This category is assigned by ((Short description/lowercasecheck)) to articles with short descriptions that start with a lower-case letter. Per Wikipedia:Short description#Formatting, short descriptions on the English Wikipedia should start with a capital letter.

((Short description/lowercasecheck)) contains a list of permitted lower-case words, for example: "none", "c.", and "iMac". Short descriptions starting with those words should not cause this category to be assigned.

To fix this condition, modify the first unnamed parameter in the ((Short description)) template at the top of the affected article, following the guidance at Wikipedia:Short description#Formatting and the subsequent Examples section. Check for recent vandalism if the short description appears to be inaccurate. The Short description helper gadget is very useful in editing short descriptions; enable it in your Preferences.

If an infobox or other template assigns a short description that starts with a lower-case letter because it uses the value of one of its parameters, it may be appropriate to modify the infobox's code to upper-case that value automatically when it is passed to the short description template.

This category is sorted alphabetically by the content of the short description. To see the short descriptions on this page, import User:SD0001/shortdescs-in-category.js into your common.js file.

User:Qwerfjkl (bot) is approved to run on this category upon request, fixing these short descriptions.