In geometry, polytope means the generalization to any dimension of the sequence: polygon in two dimensions, polyhedron in three dimensions, and polychoron in four dimensions.

For 0-polytope see Vertex
For 1-polytope see Edge
For 2-polytope see Polygon or Category:Polygons
For 3-polytope see Polyhedron or Category:Polyhedra
For 4-polytope see Polychoron or Category:Polychora
For Polyteron or Polytera see 5-polytope or Category:5-polytopes
For Polypeton or Polypeta see 6-polytope or Category:6-polytopes
For Polyexon or Polyexa see 7-polytope or Category:7-polytopes
For Polyzetton or Polyzetta see 8-polytope or Category:8-polytopes
For Polyyotton or Polyyotta see 9-polytope or Category:9-polytopes
For Polyronnon or Polyronna see 10-polytope or Category:10-polytopes