Cavalry and Guards Club
Cavalry Club, Piccadilly.jpg
Formation1810 (Guards Club);
1890 (Cavalry Club);
1976 (merged club)
(Clubhouse occupied since 1908)
TypeGentlemen's club
PurposeCavalry and Guards officers

The Cavalry and Guards Club is a London gentlemen's club, at 127 Piccadilly, situated next to the RAF Club.


The club has three foundation dates:

When the Cavalry Club first occupied the site in 1890, it was a proprietary club owned by an officer in the 20th Hussars, but five years later, ownership passed into the hands of its members and it became a members' club. They raised the funds to build an entirely new clubhouse, which was completed on the site in 1908. The work was carried out by the architect's firm Mewes and Davies.[1]

Edward VIII was known to spend a great deal of time in the Cavalry Club premises in the 1920s and 1930s, when he was Prince of Wales. King Abdullah of Jordan, the Sultan of Brunei and Prince William have also been members.[4]

Club interior in 2014
Club interior in 2014

The club narrowly avoided closure in 1987, when its landlord sold the premises on to a property developer, who planned to convert the building into luxury flats. This was averted through the membership raising the capital to buy the property for the club.[1]

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