Central Bureau of Statistics
Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek
Agency overview
Superseding agency
TypeNational statistics service
HeadquartersOranjestad, Aruba
Agency executive
  • Drs. Ing. Martijn J. Balkestein, Director of Statistics
Parent departmentMinisterie van Economische Zaken, Sociale Zaken en Cultuur

The Central Bureau of Statistics of Aruba, is in charge of the collection, processing and publication of statistics and reports to the Minister charged with responsibility for the subject of Statistics.[1] It was created mainly to facilitate the development of a statistical system for Aruba which is also a component of the CARICOM regional statistical system together with other member countries of this regional institution.


Become the leading organization to compile and publish undisputed, coherent and up-to-date statistical information that is relevant for practice, policy and research.


Statistics Aruba is governed by the Statistics Act, GT 1991.


The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) is the institution officially assigned with the collection, processing and publication of statistics to be used by policymakers, in practice and for research in different areas. It is a government department that resorts under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

Objective statistical information is vital to an open and democratic society. It provides a solid foundation for informed decision-making by elected representatives, businesses, unions and non-profit organizations, as well as the general individual Aruban population. It’s also recognized as an inexhaustible source for scientific research.


The director of Statistics Aruba is the Chief Statistician of Aruba. Since 1986, the former directors of the Central Bureau of Statistics Aruba were:


Previous heads of the statistics service in Aruba
Name: Period
Randolf Lee 1996-2009
Enrique Jaccopucci 1986–1994


Statistics Aruba publishes numerous documents covering a range of statistical information about Aruba, including census data, demography, Tourism, economic and health indicators,

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