Central Kuki-Chin
Central Chin
EthnicityMizo and Chin
Myanmar and Northeast India
Linguistic classificationSino-Tibetan
Glottologcent2330  (Central Kuki-Chin)

Central Kuki-Chin is a branch of the Kuki-Chin languages. Central Kuki-Chin languages are spoken primarily in Mizoram, India and in Hakha Township and Falam Township of Chin State, Myanmar.

Official use

Mizo is the official language of Mizoram State, India, while Hakha Chin is the lingua franca of Chin State, Myanmar.


VanBik (2009:23) classifies the Central Kuki-Chin languages as follows.

Central Kuki-Chin

VanBik (2009) is unsure about the classification of Pangkhua, and tentatively places it within Central Kuki-Chin.

Sound changes

VanBik (2009) lists the following sound changes from Proto-Kuki-Chin to Proto-Central Chin.

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