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Chak 21 S.B.
Chak 21 S.B. is located in Pakistan
Chak 21 S.B.
Chak 21 S.B.
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°11′18″N 73°01′43″E / 32.18833°N 73.02861°E / 32.18833; 73.02861Coordinates: 32°11′18″N 73°01′43″E / 32.18833°N 73.02861°E / 32.18833; 73.02861

Chak 21 S.B. is a village, four kilometers away in north from Kot Momin, in Sargodha District , it is the biggest village of Union Council 38 . This village came into existence on the South Branch Canal created in 1901 by the British. In this village the most prominent persons were Choudhary Safdar Ali Kahana (late), Choudhary Ghulam Hussain Jethal (late) now The chairman of UC-38 is also from this village, Raja Jahangeer Haider belongs from Raja Janjua family . Chak 21 S.B. is now developing as the ratio of literacy is rising, the people of this village are struggling for the betterment of the village.  

ln this village there are two major tribes the sunnis and shites.

Different families from District Jehlum, Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan, moved there and got 50-acre (200,000 m2) per family agricultural land based on the mare they own. The people living here there major source of income is the Mandarin, the village is associated with facilities like natural gas, electricity and roads. The climate of this village in summer is about 40 °C, and in winter it reaches also 4 °C. In this village there are 5 mosques and 2 Shiite prayer places. This village has 2 graveyards. This village 90% consists of the families who derive from Jehlum. Major families in the village are:

Most of the families are associated with agriculture. Area is good for the production of Kinno (Mondarian).

Literacy rate is around 60%. There is one elementary school for boys and also one elementary school for girls.