Championnat de France de Futsal
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toD2
Domestic cup(s)Coupe Nationale Futsal
International cup(s)UEFA Futsal Cup
Current championsToulon FS
Most championshipsSporting Club de Paris and Kremlin (4)
Current: Current Season at

The Championnat de France de Futsal "Division 1" or "D1" is the premier futsal league in France, organized by Fédération Française de Football. There are 12 teams in the first level, the team ranked first wins the title of national Champion and qualifies for the UEFA Futsal Cup. The teams ranked 11th and 12th are relegated to Division 2.

"D2" is the second level, and has two groups with 10 teams each. The teams ranked first in each group are promoted to Division 1. The teams ranked 8th to 10th in each group are relegated. Below is the regional level.


Season Winner
2007/2008 Roubaix Futsal
2008/2009 Issy Futsal
Season Winner
2009/2010 Kremlin-Bicetre United
2010/2011 Sporting Club de Paris
2011/2012 Sporting Club de Paris
2012/2013 Sporting Club de Paris
2013/2014 Sporting Club de Paris
2014/2015 Kremlin-Bicêtre United
2015/2016 Kremlin-Bicêtre United
2016/2017 ASC Garges Djibson
2017/2018 Kremlin-Bicêtre United

Clubs and locations as of 2014–15 season: