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Channa or Channo (Sindhi: چنا) is a Sindhi Rajput tribe in the Sindh province of Pakistan.[1] A tribe of this name is referred to in some old Muslim texts, such as Chachnama.[2]


Anahani/Enahani, Ayani, Bich, Budh, Badwa, Badam (Badamani), Bakhani, Chano, Dargahia, Dhagani, Dalani, Faqirani, Gunani, Golani, Hamdani, Jamani, Jhangiani, Jaleelani, Kachhar, Katiar, Lalani, Leebai, Muhammadani, Marani, Musani, Mochi, Mora, Nunari, Saajnani, Sakhiani, Samrani, Shanani, Sharifani, Sahra, Talhani, Tharani, Umrani, Wahani, Wahnani, Wahwani.[3]

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