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Chaumuhan, Mathura

Chaumuhan, Mathura
Chaumuhan, Mathura
Location in Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 27°38′24″N 77°35′02″E / 27.64000°N 77.58389°E / 27.64000; 77.58389Coordinates: 27°38′24″N 77°35′02″E / 27.64000°N 77.58389°E / 27.64000; 77.58389
Country India
StateUttar Pradesh
 • Chairman(President)Mr. Bihari Ram (pahalwan) Yuva neta = VIPUL GUPTA
 • Total19,675
 • Density3,000/km2 (8,000/sq mi)
 • OfficialHindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code05662

Chaumuhan (Devanagari: चौमुहां; :Chaumuhanā) is a town and a nagar panchayat in the Mathura district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


Chaumuhan is located on the NH2 highway, 90 kilometres (56 mi) from the Delhi Badarpur Border. It lies 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the neighboring city of Kosi Kalan and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from Tahashil Chhata.


Brahma Vimohan Leela took place during Krishna's time. Bewildered by the simplicity of Krishna as a child, Brahma stole Krishna's calves and cowherds. Realizing this, Krishna expanded into the same number of calves and cowherds and life remained undisturbed in Braj. Brahma realized his mistake and did penance at the Brahma Jhaadi (Chaumuha) and apologized to Krishna there. He did so after bathing in the nearby Chandra Sarovar (which was partly restored by the Braj Foundation). Because of this pastime the village was named Chaumuha, indicating four heads of Brahma. Only two temples of Brahma Ji exist; one in Pushkar (Ajmer) and the other in Chaumuha.


As of the 2012 Indian census, the town had a population of 9,881 of which 54% were male and 46% female. Literacy is higher than the national average at close to 95% for men and 70% for women, and 45% per cent of the population is under age six.[1]



History connected to Lord Brahma's bewilderment

It is said that once during a leela, Krishna drank buttermilk from a friend's cup. Lord Brahma was amazed at the act especially since Krishna was known to be an incarnation of Vishnu and drinking from a mortal's used cup was unacceptable behavior from a God.

Lord Brahma then grew suspicious and to test him he made all cows and cowherd friends of Krishna disappear. Krishna at once understood this divine game and extended himself to take the form of all his missing cows and cowherd friends to replace them so that their absence would go unnoticed. Brahma realized his mistake and asked forgiveness through penance that he did at the site that became Chandrasarovar. Lord Brahma brought the Moon God (Chandra) with him who built Chandrasarovar. In its clean and pure waters Brahma bathed before beginning his penance.

Administrative regions

Chaumuhan is divided into blocks known as thok (Blocks or wards)


Although Chaumuhan has little industrial development, it is becoming a higher education hub as private institutes open there.

Higher education



Although Chaumuhan possesses important resources but there are no small or large industries. The town is well placed as a transport hub, with the NH2 (Delhi-Agra) highway on one side and a railway station on the other with goods facilities and a medium-sized power station.

The Amrapali group is developing the new Krishna Lok Dham in Chaumuhan while other real estate companies are also planning to develop housing in Chaumuhan.

Rama Group is developing the Rama Garden City residential township in Chaumuhan. Manzil Developers is developing the MANZIL ABODE (102 acres residential Township) in Chaumuhan.


Notable people include:

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