Publication information
PublisherMeanwhile Studios
IDW Publishing (collected volume)
FormatOngoing series
Publication date2001-2003 (1-7)
2004-2005 (8-10)
No. of issues10
Creative team
Written byTroy Little
Artist(s)Troy Little
Collected editions
ChiaroscuroISBN 978-1-60010-119-9

Chiaroscuro is a comic series developed by Canadian artist Troy Little between 2000 and 2005.

Publication history

Little began self-publishing in 2001 and after releasing two issue he received a Xeric in 2001[1] which allowed him to produce another five issues. Personal circumstances slowed progress until he was given a second grant from the P.E.I. Council of the Arts in 2005[2] which allowed him to finish and release the last three issue. In 2007 the series was collected into a single volume by IDW Publishing. In July 2008 IDW also gave out a free preview comic featuring Chiaroscuro and Little's next project Angora Napkin.[3]


The story is about an unemployed artist named Steven Patch, who leads a depressing life of drinking and complaining about his life. He eventually runs into a situation of mistaken identity, which sends him into a spiraling series of life-altering decisions.


It has been praised by independent comics legend Dave Sim[4]

Collected editions

It has been collected into a single volume:


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