Chicken tabaka
Place of originGeorgia
Region or stateCaucasus, Eastern Europe, Central Asia

Chicken tabaka (Georgian: წიწილა ტაბაკა tsitsila tabaka) or chicken tapaka (Georgian: წიწილა ტაფაკა tsitsila tapaka) is a traditional Georgian[1][2][3] dish of a pan-fried chicken which is also popular in other Caucasian cuisines.[4] It also became a common restaurant dish in the Soviet cuisine and is found nowadays in many restaurants throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia.[3]

The chicken is fried in a traditional frying pan called tapa (Georgian: ტაფა).[2][3][5] For frying thoroughly, the chicken is flattened out on the pan and pressed by a weight. In modern cookery, special pan sets with a heavy cover or with a screw press are often used.

Chicken tabaka is often seasoned with garlic or dressed with traditional Georgian sauces, such as bazhe, satsivi or tkemali.[2][3]

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