Chief of Naval Staff
رئیسِ عملۂ پاک بحریہ
Flag of the Chief of the Naval Staff
ADM Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi

since 7 October 2020
Ministry of Defence
Navy Secretariat-III at MoD[1]
Member ofJoint Chiefs of Staff Committee
Reports toPrime Minister of Pakistan
Minister of Defence
SeatNaval Headquarters (NHQ)
Islamabad, Pakistan
NominatorPrime Minister of Pakistan
AppointerPresident of Pakistan
Term length3 years
Renewable only once
PrecursorCommander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Navy
Formation3 March 1972; 49 years ago (1972-03-03)
First holderVice Admiral H. H. Ahmad
SuccessionOn basis of seniority, subjected to the decision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Unofficial namesNaval chief
DeputyVice Chief of Naval Staff (VCNS)
SalaryAccording to Pakistan Military officer's Pay Grade(apex Scale)
WebsiteOfficial website

The Chief of Naval Staff (Urdu: رئیسِ عملۂ پاک بحریہ, romanizedRais amlah pak bahriyah; reporting name as CNS), is a military appointment and a Statutory office held by a four-star admiral in the Pakistan Navy, who is nominated and appointed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and confirmed by the President of Pakistan.[2]

The Chief of Naval Staff is one of the senior-most appointments in the Pakistan military who is one of the senior members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee in a separate capacity, providing senior consultation to the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee to act as a principal military advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and its civilian government in the line of defending and safeguarding the expedition, maritime and sealine borders of the nation.: 86 [3][4]

The Chief of Naval Staff exercise its responsibility of command and control of the operational, combatant, logistics, administration, and training commands within the Pakistan Navy, in a clear contrast to the U.S. Navy's Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). Due to its responsibility and importance, the Chief of Naval Staff plays a critical role in assessing the coastal defence and conducting reconnaissance to insure its strike capability against aggressive forces.: 88 [3][5][6]

In principle, the appointment is constitutionally subjected for three years but extensions may be granted by the President upon recommendations and approvals from the Prime Minister. The Chief of Naval Staff is based on the Navy NHQ, and the current Chief of Naval Staff is Admiral Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi serving as chief of naval staff, who took over the command as chief of naval staff on 7 October 2020.


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The Pakistan Navy was created from the partition of the Royal Indian Navy after the India's partition on 14/15 August of 1947.: 90 [3] Direct appointments in the navy was in the responsibility of the British Admiralty who appointed Rear Admiral James Wilfred Jefford as Pakistan Navy's first Flag Officer Commanding (FOC).: 47 [7]

The post was changed to Commander-in-Chief when Vice-Admiral Mohammad Siddiq Choudri became the first native naval commander in 1953, and the title changed from Commander in Chief to Chief of Staff in 1969 with Vice-Admiral Muzaffar Hassan acting as Commander-in-Chief and Rear-Admiral Rashid Ahmad as Chief of Staff.: 52 [8] On 20 March 1972, the renamed as "Chief of Naval Staff" (CNS) with Vice-Admiral H.H. Ahmed becoming the first chief of naval staff, though his rank was not elevated to four-star rank.: 60–62 [9][10]

The term of the superannuation was then constrained to three years in the office as opposed to four years and was made a permanent member of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.: 62 [9] Since 1972, there have been 14 four-star rank admirals appointed as chiefs of naval staff by statute. The Prime Minister, with the President's confirmation, approved the nomination and appointment of the Chief of Naval Staff.[11]

The leadership of the navy is based in the Navy NHQ located at the vicinity of Air AHQ, and Army GHQ staff offices that forms that JS HQ in the Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan.[4] The CNS controls the navy, assisted by the civilians from the Navy Secretariat-III of the Ministry of Defence (MoD).[1]

The Chief of Naval Staff exercise its responsibility of complete operational, training and logistics commands.: 92–93 [3] The CNS has several principal staff officers and controls the navy through seven principle staff commands directed by its appointed Deputy Chiefs of Naval Staff.[2]

List of Chiefs of the Naval Staff

The following is a list of Admirals who have served as the either Commander-in-Chief or the Chief of the Naval Staff of the Pakistan Navy.

Naval Commanders-in-Chief, Pakistan Navy

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No. Portrait Naval Commander-in-Chief Took office Left office Time in office Defence branch
Jefford, JamesRear admiral
James Wilfred Jefford CB, CBE
as Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Pakistan Navy
15 August 194730 January 19535 years, 168 days Royal Navy
Choudri, HajiVice admiral
Haji Mohammad Siddiq Choudri HPk, HI(M) MBE
31 January 195328 February 19596 years, 28 days Pakistan Navy
Khan, AfzalVice admiral
Afzal Rahman Khan HPk, HJ, HQA
1 March 195920 October 19667 years, 233 days Pakistan Navy
Ahsan, SyedVice admiral
Syed Mohammad Ahsan HQA, SPk DSC
20 October 196631 August 19692 years, 315 days Pakistan Navy
Hassan, MuzaffarVice admiral
Muzaffar Hassan HQA, SPk,
1 September 196922 December 19712 years, 112 days Pakistan Navy

Chiefs of the Naval Staff (CNS) of Pakistan Navy

No. Portrait Chief of Naval Staff Took office Left office Time in office
Ahmed, HasanVice admiral
Hasan Hafeez Ahmed TQA
3 March 19728 March 1975 †3 years, 5 days
Shariff, MohammadAdmiral
Mohammad Shariff NI(M), HI(M), SI(M), HJ, SJ, SK
23 March 197521 March 19793 years, 363 days
Niazi, KaramatAdmiral
Karamat Rahman Niazi NI(M), HI(M), SJ
22 March 197923 March 19834 years, 1 day
Khan, TariqAdmiral
Tariq Kamal Khan NI(M), SI(M), SBt
(born 1930)
23 March 19839 April 19863 years, 17 days
Sirohey, IftikharAdmiral
Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey NI(M), HI(M), SI(M), SBt
(born 1934)
9 April 19869 November 19882 years, 214 days
Malik, Yastur-ul-HaqAdmiral
Yastur-ul-Haq Malik NI(M), SBt
(born 1933)
10 November 19888 November 19912 years, 363 days
Khan, SaeedAdmiral
Saeed Mohammad Khan NI(M), SBt
(born 1935)
9 November 19919 November 19943 years, 0 days
Haq, MansurulAdmiral
Mansurul Haq NI(M)
10 November 19941 May 19972 years, 173 days
Bokhari, FasihAdmiral
Fasih Bokhari NI(M), HI(M), SI(M), SBt, SJ
(born 1942)
2 May 19972 October 19992 years, 153 days
Mirza, AbdulAdmiral
Abdul Aziz Mirza NI(M), HI(M), SI(M), SBt
(born 1943)
2 October 19992 October 20023 years, 0 days
Karimullah, ShahidAdmiral
Shahid Karimullah NI(M), HI(M), SI(M), TI(M), SJ
(born 1948)
3 October 20026 October 20053 years, 4 days
Tahir, AfzalAdmiral
Afzal Tahir NI(M), HI(M), SI(M)
(born 1949)
7 October 20057 October 20083 years, 0 days
Bashir, NomanAdmiral
Noman Bashir NI(M), HI(M), SI(M), TI(M)
7 October 20087 October 20113 years, 0 days
Sandila, AsifAdmiral
Asif Sandila NI(M), HI(M)
(born 1954)
8 October 20113 October 20142 years, 360 days
Zakaullah, MuhammadAdmiral
Muhammad Zakaullah NI(M), HI(M), SI(M), TI(M)
(born 1958)
4 October 20146 October 20173 years, 2 days
Abbasi, ZafarAdmiral
Zafar Mahmood Abbasi HI(M), SI(M)
7 October 20177 October 20203 years, 0 days
Niazi, AmjadAdmiral
Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi
7 October 2020Incumbent1 year, 96 days

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