Chilean International Exhibition
BIE-classUnrecognized exposition
NameChilean International Exhibition
Building(s)Chilean National Museum of Natural History
Organized byNational Agricultural Society
VenueQuinta Normal Park
Coordinates33°26′32″S 70°40′55″W / 33.44217°S 70.68184°W / -33.44217; -70.68184
Opening16 September 1875
Closure16 January 1876

The Chilean International Exhibition was a world's fair[1] held in Quinta Normal Park,[2] Santiago, between 16 September 1875[3] and 16 January 1876 to show Chilean people recent technological and scientific advances.[2]


The event was organised by the National Agricultural Society, opened by the president Federico Errázuriz Zañartu,[3] and originally scheduled to run until 31 December 1875, but it was extended to 16 January 1876.

Location and buildings

The fair took place on what is now the Quinta Normal Park with a central permanent palace, which is now the Chilean National Museum of Natural History).[4] There were two long buildings, which formed the machinery gallery and the Rose Innes pavilion, housing threshing machines, a restaurant and a pavilion each for Belgium and France.[4]


Foreign countries who participated were Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Switzerland, The United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.[5]


Exhibitors included the Chilean painter Onofre Jarpa who won a medal.[6]


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