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DJJ1"Blue Arrow"
Type and origin
Power typeElectric
BuilderZhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works
 • UICBo'Bo'
Loco weight78 t (171,961 lb)
Electric system/s25 kV 50 Hz
Loco brakeRegenerative
Train brakesDK-1B electro-pneumatic
Performance figures
Maximum speed210 km/h (130 mph)
Power output4,800 kW (6,437 hp) continuous
Tractive effort211 kN (47,435 lbf) starting
164 kN (36,869 lbf) continuous at 105 km/h (65 mph)

The DJJ1 "Blue Arrow" (simplified Chinese: 蓝箭; traditional Chinese: 藍箭) is a type of high-speed EMU train used by mainland China Railway. They were manufactured in 2000 by Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works.


8 DJJ1 sets were made. Each set consists of a power car unit and 6 passenger units, seating 421 passengers. All 8 trains were owned by Guangzhou Zhongche Railway Sales & Leasing [zh], and were leased to Guangshen Railway. At the time of entering service, they ran between Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

All DJJ1 trains were running between Shaoguan and Pingshi since July 2007. It was officially retired in November 2012.


A DJJ1 power car was preserved at Guangzhou Railway Museum, but has subsequently been removed.[1]

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