Chinkara Motors
Industryautomotive, marine, aviation, ATV
Founded2003 [1]
Defunct2016 [1]

Chinkara Motors, officially Chinkara Motors PVT Ltd, was a Mumbai, Maharashtra-based auto, marine, ATV and aviation manufacturer. Chinkara operated from 2003 to 2016.


Chingara primarily manufactured a 2-seat sports car called the Chinkara Roadster 1.8S, and the Jeepster, a classic 1940s Jeep look-alike. The vehicles were developed at Alibag near Mumbai, India. The name Chinkara comes from a local word for an Indian Gazelle.

Chinkara Roadster 1.8S

The Chinkara Roadster is derived from the Lotus 7. The car is put together out of parts from various Indian cars, including the Maruti 800 and the now defunct Standard Herald. While this allows the car to be reasonably advanced, it allows the use of intermediate technology to compete with a western equivalent that may be more an advanced. For example, news articles on the car say it uses MacPherson struts front and rear taken from a Maruti Alto. The Roadster is available in several levels of tuning.[2]


The Jeepster is an off-road vehicle similar to the classic Willys Jeep.[3] With its body constructed of lightweight FRP, the Jeepster can be delivered with a diesel engine or a 1.8L Isuzu petrol.[4]

Other automotive products

Chinkara Motors also produced the following automotive products: [5]

Marine products

The Marine division specialized in the manufacture of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic multi-hull (Catamarans & Trimarans) watercraft.[7] They produced both powered and sailboat catamarans and powered trimarans[8] Chinkara also builds the Wave Striker power catamaran and Predator powered trimaran work boats.[9]

Aviation Products

The Aviation division prosuced GFP gliders and powered gliders, Gyrocopters and Microlights.[10]


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