Choral Songs in honour of Her Majesty Queen Victoria is a collection of 13 choral songs by 13 British composers issued on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Queen Victoria in 1899.[1]

In 1897-1898 the Master of the Queen's Music Sir Walter Parratt proposed a volume of choral songs modelled on The Triumphs of Oriana (1601) as part of the planned 80th birthday celebrations. He recruited 13 British composers, and in 1899 a limited edition of only 100 copies was produced entitled Choral Songs in honour of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.[2]

The actual title on the front of the book is "Choral Songs by Various Writers & Composers in Honour of Her Majesty Queen Victoria".


order composer poet piece
1 Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie Alfred Austin With wisdom, goodness, grace
2 Sir Charles Villiers Stanford A. C. Benson Out in the windy West
3 Henry Walford Davies Robert Bridges Hark! The world is full of thy praise
4 Sir Frederick Bridge Robert Crewe-Milnes, 1st Marquess of Crewe For all the wonder of thy regal day
5 Sir George Martin John Davidson (poet) The seaboards are her mantle's hem
6 Sir Hubert Parry Austin Dobson (1840–1921) Who can dwell with greatness!
7 Arthur M. Goodhart Edmund Gosse Lady on the Silver Throne
8 Charles Wood Arthur Coleridge James A Century's Penultimate
9 Arthur Somervell John Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll With still increasing blessings
10 Edward Elgar Frederic W. H. Myers To her beneath whose stedfast star
11 Charles Harford Lloyd Henry Newbolt A thousand years, by sea and land
12 Sir John Stainer John Frederick Stainer (1866–1939) Flora's Queen
13 Sir Walter Parratt Sir Thomas Herbert Warren The Triumph of Victoria



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