Christopher Tyerman (born 22 May 1953) is a British academic and historian focusing on the Crusades. In 2015, he was appointed Professor of History of the Crusades at the University of Oxford.

Life and career

He was an undergraduate at New College, Oxford, and was awarded a first-class Bachelor of Arts degree in 1974; he lectured at the University of York between 1976 and 1977, before returning to the University of Oxford as a research fellow at Queen's College (1977–82); in 1981, he was awarded a doctor of philosophy degree and won the Royal Historical Society's Alexander Prize Medal. He also took up another research fellowship at Exeter College which lasted from 1982 to 1987. All the while, he had been a medieval history lecturer at Hertford College, Oxford since 1979, and in 2006 was elected one of its fellows.[1] In 2015, he was awarded the chair of Professor of History of the Crusades at the university.[2]


Tyerman's research interests lie in crusading in medieval western Europe, which he has explored from cultural, social, religious and political angles. He has focused especially on the high Middle Ages and medieval France. He has also published works on the history of education, including a monograph history of Harrow School. His published works include:


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