Chrysovitsi is located in Greece
Coordinates: 37°33′N 22°13′E / 37.550°N 22.217°E / 37.550; 22.217Coordinates: 37°33′N 22°13′E / 37.550°N 22.217°E / 37.550; 22.217
Administrative regionPeloponnese
Regional unitArcadia
Municipal unitFalanthos
 • Rural
 • Population58 (2011)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Vehicle registrationTP

Chrysovitsi (Greek: Χρυσοβίτσι) is a mountain village and a community in the municipal unit of Falanthos, Arcadia, Greece. At the 2011 census its population was 33 for the village and 58 for the community, which includes the village Mantaiika, 5 km southeast of Chrysovitsi. Built on the slopes of Mainalo at 1,100 m, Chrysovitsi is one of the highest villages in the Peloponnese. It is a traditional settlement since November 23, 1998 (Law 908D) and its code number is 12317201. Chrysovitsi is 4 km southwest of Piana, 7 km northeast of Lykochia, 11 km east of Stemnitsa and 15 km northwest of Tripoli.

The village’s houses are all on the slope of the mountain. Allowing a great view over the valley, a green pasture – in fact a small karstic plain – kind of a typical arcadian landscape.

Forest fires are a permanent threat in the Mainalo mountains.


The village at the slope
The village at the slope
The village overlooks the small green plain
The village overlooks the small green plain
Year Population
1981 187
1991 183
2001 196
2011 58


The settlement dates back to the 15th century. Around 1700, it was mentioned as Chrissovizzi under the Venetian census and later Xovitzi (Ξοβίτζι). The village was a center of Greek rebellion during the Greek Revolution of 1821. The revolutionary leader Theodoros Kolokotronis grew up in nearby Limpovisi. In 1935, a lumbermill was built, which was operated until 1972. It is now used as a museum by the Forest Council. In 1997, the formerly independent community joined the municipality of Falanthos.

Song Archives of Sam Chianis, PhD

Noted ethnomusicologist Sam Chianis, PhD (Σωτηριος Τσιανης) made many trips to Greece in his academic career to catalogue recordings of folk songs as sung and played by locals of various regions. His extensive archive include hundreds of songs from Chrysovitsi alone that was amassed from 2 trips: early 1959 (over 400 songs) and summer 1969 (approximately 110 songs).

Dr Chianis' music library is considered culturally significant and he has shared his collection for posterity with several institutions including the Academy of Athens.

Chicago Organization

The Chrysovitsi Society of Chicago (officially The Benevolent Society of Saint Mary, Chrysovitsi) was formed in the 1950s and hosts social events including an annual 4th of July picnic a northern suburb of Chicago. Funds are raised to benefit philanthropic projects in Chrysovitsi.

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